Bahrain GP 2015 We had a race as all the races should be and finally we saw a determined, fighting Nico Rosberg although because a break failure at the end of the race he ultimately have to give up under the firing attack of an also very driven Kimi Raikkonen. It was crucial, both for Nico and Kimi to come back in the frontline of the battle and they did a great job. Kimi finished second with a smart strategy while Nico against the break issues managed to hold the 3rd position. Hamilton, once again, had a clean victory. (more…)

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Faith No More - Sol Invictus (2015) “We will do something again only when all members are with the focus on that, and ready for the challenge” – said Billy Gould In July 2013. Two years later and 18 years since the previous FNM studio album we’ve got finally “Sol Invictus”. Meanwhile Mr. Patton was king not for one day, but on several occasions, last time on the Zorn’s Moonchild album “The Last Judgement” in 2014, but also on the “The Song Project Vinyl Singles Edition” by the same and restless downtown alchemist, Zorn.
Although it’s been a lifetime since “Album of the Year”, it’s the same line-up as last time. Guitarist Jon Hudson it’s part of the family now although there will be always fans expecting Jim Martin back. Just to sweeten things up a little bit, “Superhero” have some Martin-flavored solid and heavy guitar riffs.
I’m excited about this new album, but also scared of. I should sit back and enjoy the music, not to have any kind of expectation, but it’s difficult!
Seven is a Magick number and the title, “Sol Invictus” have some ceremonial vibe as well, so “Unconquered Sun” set the target high… as the Sun. (more…)

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Therapy? - Disquiet (2015) Believe it or not, but “Disquiet” is the fourteenth studio album by Therapy?. “Teethgrinder” it’s still ringing in my ears like it was yesterday and their 94′s “Troublegum” it’s probably one of the best punk-rock albums ever. Between their fourth and fourteenth album lot of things was going on, but the only thing it’s really matter is that Therapy? are still alive and kicking.
Co-founder drummer Fyfe Ewing left the band in 1996 and he was replaced by Graham Hopkins. Hopkins left the band in 2001 and was replaced next year with Neil Cooper. Although they never delivered a “Troublegum 2″ type of success album, Therapy? had a couple of great songs and some really good albums in between. Just for the record, their previous album, the 2012′s “A Brief Crack of Light” it’s a solid, modern rock album. But there’s one thing that kept the band going: the love and the support of their fans.
“Disquiet” it’s definitively a perfect gift for them. And another killer album from a quite under-rated band! (more…)

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Bertrand Flachot -  Just above the waterline

In nautical terminology, the waterline refers to the line separating the submerged section of the hull of a ship – the quickworks – from the section above water – the topsides (literally the “live” works and “dead” works in French). The works which Bertrand Flachot is presenting this autumn at the Felli Gallery are very much alive; they immerse us in the soft formal ambiguity which is the hallmark of his aesthetic world. Lines and strokes trace and highlight the meanders of the memory of areas which have been crossed in Paris, in a manner reminiscent of Giacometti’s Paris sans fin (Paris without end) to which he pays a passing tribute. (more…)

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Gallows - Desolation Sounds (2015) Gallows it’s the perfect mixture of the Aleister Crowley originated mysticism and healthy, punk rooted hardcore. Definitively one of the most interesting and solid Brit acts of the last decade and a band with the power and talent to deliver further exciting releases.
After the release of their debut album, Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz named “Orchestra of Wolves” as one of his favourite albums of 2007, praising it as being the best hardcore album since Refused’s “The Shape of Punk to Come”.
In 2007 the band won the Kerrang! Award for best British Newcomer.
They signed to Warner Bros. Records for a £1 million contract for one album with option up to three, were dropped after the release of the first one, “Grey Britain”. “Grey Britain” was a killer album, but probably not commercially successful enough for the Warner Bros. expectations.
Lead singer Frank Carter left Gallows in July 2011 and formed his own project with ex-The Hope Conspiracy and Suicide File guitarist Jim Carroll named Pure Love.
Former Alexisonfire guitarist/vocalist Wade MacNeil replaced Carter shortly after Alexisonfire announced their disbandment.
They launched their own record label, Venn Records, and the eponymously titled third album “Gallows” on 10 September 2012.
In February 2013 the band announced that they would be continuing as a four-piece, with Steph Carter leaving to focus on his other band, Ghost Riders in the Sky.
Their fourth album, titled “Desolation Sounds” was released on 13 April 2015. (more…)

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Anyone Could Be A Superhero

Martin Beck, a Dubai-based Scottish/South African photographer has produced a series of gritty portraits accompanied with a slice of humor in his latest project entitled “We Can Be Heroes’. This photographic series challenges the stereotype of Superheroes revealing them not as unrealistic magazine characters however rather as regular those who, even through their own personal struggles, have the potential to become heroes in their own manner by serving to others. (more…)

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Chinese GP 2015

In two races we had two winners, but the same three guys on the podium. This could change in China, we could have a third winner? – these was the big questions of the third race of the 2015′s season. Hamilton had another perfect race followed closely by Rosberg while on 3rd came Vettel intensely chased by Raikkonen and eventually saved by the Safety Car coming out in the 54th lap when Verstappen’s Renault engine had blow up on the grid line.
Mercedes keep their supremacy, but Ferrari closing up slowly. Quite far behind comes Williams, but still ahead of Sauber. Lotus won their first points while McLaren and Marussia are the only teams without any points so far this year. Red Bull managed to get ahead of Toro Rosso although it was another terrible weekend for the Renault engines. (more…)

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ora de religie Pare inadecvat să-l cităm pe Joseph Goebbels, Ministrul Propagandei Publice în timpul regimului nazist, în așa numita Săptămână Mare celebrată de creștini înainte de Paște, dar Goebbels a spus un mare adevăr: o minciună repetată de un milion de ori devine adevăr.
Nu este vorba despre filozofie, ci o tehnică din Alchimie. Este procesul prin care gândul este exprimat prin vorbe ca mai apoi să se manifeste și fizic (faptic). Sau, cel puțin, să creeze iluzia că este așa.
Tot repetând formula de salut-răspuns “Hristos a înviat! Adevărat a înviat!” minciuna devine adevăr și formula magică devine tot mai puternică, se amplicfică și prelungește iluzia. Faptul că milionane de oameni o repetă obsesiv-compulsiv an de an cu ritmicitate ritualică consolidează minciuna și o alimentează cu energie suficientă să o mențină măcar încă un an în eter și în conștiința credincioșilor.
Cu toate că nu cred că un credincios are propria sa conștiință. Să vă explic!
M-a obsedat formula “primește-l pe Isus în sufletul tău”. De ce ar sălășlui un străin în sufletul meu? O să spuneți că-i deplasat, dar în fapt este o formă de posesie. Îți predai necondiționat sufletul (conștiința) unei ființe străine și te supui legilor și voinței sale.
Legile, religia, morala, etc sunt menite să-ți anihileze voința și să elimine conștiința. Fără voință suverană nu există conștiință și vei trăi conform normelor unei conștiințe colective, artificiale. (more…)

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Celldweller - End of an Empire (Chapter 03 Dreams) (2015) Klayton is back again and we’ve got the third installment of his quite ambitious project, “End of an Empire”.
Maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m getting too old for this EDM scene, don’t know, but Celldweller lost me lately, the previous Chapter 02 did not left any marks on me, although it was a top Celldweller production. His other project, “Transmissions vol. 01″ was a nice surprise, Klayton explored the limitless spaces and possibilities of analog synthesizers, but somehow didn’t really touched me. Too much, too fast…too many releases. Maybe I’m old-fashioned and I still believe in the value of an album, a solid release, eventually on vinyl. F_ck digital!
I think in this digital era it’s getting harder to reach out to the people, the time feels shorter and our brain can’t absorb all the information anymore. Or maybe it’s just me.
But now, Celldweller delivered the wickedest track in years and one of the best electro-industrial anthems of the decade!!
“Good L_ck (Yo_’re F_cked)” it’s the best song Klayton have written and performed in years and it can be considered an excellent radiography of the times we’re living! (more…)

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