David Bowie – The Next Day (2013)

Everybody’s praise Bowie and his brand new “The Next Day” album, which comes after a heart attack and a serious 10 years gap. The 66 year old Bowie announced the release of his new album at his 66 birthday.
True, between the fabulous 2003’s “Reality” and this brand new album we had “Toy”, in March 2011, Bowie’s previously unreleased album from 2001 (another 10 years gap fulfilled), which leaked onto the internet, containing material used for “Heathen” and most of its single B-sides, but, that was just a bitter-sweet delicatessen for inpatient fans and “pour le connaisseur”, isn’t it?
The cover for “The Next Day” was designed by Jonathan Barnbrook, and it plays on the iconic cover of 1977’s “Heroes” – witch was the second installment of his Berlin Trilogy with Brian Eno, while the cover photo was shot by Masayoshi Sukita. And somehow “The Next Day” it’s a trip back to Berlin, a journey in the search of lost (and eventually find) love, soul, spirit or anything else. Or a seek and hide with Mr. Death. But the first released single, “Where Are We Now?” take us back to Berlin literally and emotionally. So, Ziggy Stardust is back and he’s gonna eat your heart out! Read more David Bowie – The Next Day (2013)

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