The Hell – Groovehammer (2014)

The Hell - Groovehammer (2014)

The Hell - Groovehammer (2014) Hate have become trendy, become a lifestyle, not only an expression and a form (of manifestation), but the content itself. This Brits are fulltime, trueblood bloody haters. And huge fans of Metallica and Lars Ulrich… “THEY SHOULD MUTE THOSE DRUMS & JUST LOOP THE SOUND OF POTATOES FALLING DOWN STAIRS. NOBODY WOULD KNOW THE DIFFERENCE” (FB link). Not my damn business, but they probably only would be a Take That imitation if Lars would choose to become a tennis player like his grandpa Einer Ulrich instead of playing drums… And no, f*ckers, I’m not a Metallica fan. Not lately anyway. Probably right now all that hating and spitting seems to be a wonderful idea, but I’m sure they don’t want to be remembered as a band who only managed to grab some attention by pissing on everybody else’s grave. This attitude probably bring as many fans as many it scare away…. It’s fun to start reading the comments on their video on the YouTube page.
Obviously favorites of rebellious teenagers and the out of still alive idols (Mick Jagger it’s dead, trust me! ­čść ) British (metal) media, I was skeptical about “Groovehammer”. Quite surprisingly, this is actually a very kicking and alive hardcore/metalcore album with no fills, no unnecessary and boring moments, no complications, ramblings, no electronic layers and mandatory drops, just straight forward, intense, merciless grinding with wicked riffs and sick choruses. With some charming retro sound and feel. Musically. Good reference point might be S.O.D. and generally hardcore from the late 80’s and thrash metal from the early 90’s. The lyrics are furiously lacking content and honestly, all this “we hate everything and everybody” feels like just another nice (?) marketing strategy. Don’t take them literally or too seriously, but facts are facts, everybody dies… Eventually. So, all you d*cks and c*nts, buy and enjoy this f*cking album while you still can! Read more The Hell – Groovehammer (2014)