The Hell – Groovehammer (2014)

The Hell - Groovehammer (2014)

The Hell - Groovehammer (2014) Hate have become trendy, become a lifestyle, not only an expression and a form (of manifestation), but the content itself. This Brits are fulltime, trueblood bloody haters. And huge fans of Metallica and Lars Ulrich… “THEY SHOULD MUTE THOSE DRUMS & JUST LOOP THE SOUND OF POTATOES FALLING DOWN STAIRS. NOBODY WOULD KNOW THE DIFFERENCE” (FB link). Not my damn business, but they probably only would be a Take That imitation if Lars would choose to become a tennis player like his grandpa Einer Ulrich instead of playing drums… And no, f*ckers, I’m not a Metallica fan. Not lately anyway. Probably right now all that hating and spitting seems to be a wonderful idea, but I’m sure they don’t want to be remembered as a band who only managed to grab some attention by pissing on everybody else’s grave. This attitude probably bring as many fans as many it scare away…. It’s fun to start reading the comments on their video on the YouTube page.
Obviously favorites of rebellious teenagers and the out of still alive idols (Mick Jagger it’s dead, trust me! 😆 ) British (metal) media, I was skeptical about “Groovehammer”. Quite surprisingly, this is actually a very kicking and alive hardcore/metalcore album with no fills, no unnecessary and boring moments, no complications, ramblings, no electronic layers and mandatory drops, just straight forward, intense, merciless grinding with wicked riffs and sick choruses. With some charming retro sound and feel. Musically. Good reference point might be S.O.D. and generally hardcore from the late 80’s and thrash metal from the early 90’s. The lyrics are furiously lacking content and honestly, all this “we hate everything and everybody” feels like just another nice (?) marketing strategy. Don’t take them literally or too seriously, but facts are facts, everybody dies… Eventually. So, all you d*cks and c*nts, buy and enjoy this f*cking album while you still can!

Lauded as “the most exciting band of 2014” by the Front Magazine, UK’s THE HELL have been raising eyebrows and wrecking havoc in the hardcore scene with the release of their critically acclaimed and despised debut album “You’re Listening to The Hell”. Meanwhile they’ve signed a worldwide deal with PROSTHETIC RECORDS to release their sophomore offering “Groovehammer”, due out on July 8. It was self-recorded, mixed and mastered at Titan Studios in their hometown, Watford.
Metal Hammer said that the album featuring “big riffs, memorable hooks and enough shout-along moments to guarantee pandemonium at any gig”. And this time they are not actually exaggerating. The band will proceed to decimate audiences at several of the year’s top European festivals including Sonisphere, Copenhell & Hevy Fest!
They unleashed thirteen venomous, in-your-face type of hardcore bangers. “Take Me Out” kick in spitting, it’s pure and wicked hardcore. The riffs of “Old Jacks, New Jacks” are have a groovy Pantera flavor and the vocals reminded me of The Beastie Boys… from the times when their were… boys. And “Groovehammer” it’s build upon the same Pantera inspired riffs and Beastie Boys type of rapping and screaming with hardcore fury. Surprising eventually for teenagers, but not really invented anything. Still, this is perfectly mosh-ready hardcore.
“Everybody Dies” it’s definitively the most memorable song of these guys.
“Bangers & Mosh” sounds like an ancient thrash metal anthem while the video it’s even worst…. 😆 Everything point back to the late 80’s, early 90’s. Feels like a Twisted Sister video meets an early Anthrax demo. It’s fun. At least. The main riff would make proud Charlie Benante anyway.

“We Love Dicks” remains in the same area of sound, maybe this one is more S.O.D. rooted if “we love dicks” it’s not so deeply, but truly an irony. “Deal With It” bring back the Beastie Boys flavor and grooves with some simple, but tasty riffs. “Check This Out” it’s another brutal mosh track with a strong riff as central driving force. “Speed Shit Up” it’s a 37 seconds long hardcore butchery. “We Handle Shit” return with the thrash metal riffs and 90’s type of metal sound. “Battleship” would find its place on any early Tankard album. Pure early 90’s (German) thrash metal mixed up with some Pantera type of grooves and breaks on the chorus. “Snakes” mix the Beastie Boys type of vocal dialogs with the thrash metal riffs and the distortion sound of the early 90’s.
Finally ( 😆 ), “I’ll Snap You’re F***ing Head Clean Off” sound like a collision of Pantera riffs with Black Flag fury. True f*cking metalcore. Close your (f*cking 😆 ) eyes and wait a little bit for the secret “track”.

Not bad for their second album, they will probably sweating a little bit harder for the third one. It’s hard to pull off more skins from this good old recipe with all that infant hate ingredient…

Buy it or steal it, won’t regret it!! Hardcore will never die, but you will!!! 😆

Somehow they reminded me also of Attila and their brutal and brilliant albums “Rage” and “Outlowed“. Can’t stop banging.


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