Amerakin Overdose – Amerakin Overdose (2012)

Amerakin Overdose 2012 Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Amerakin Overdose it’s a more metal then industrial, heavy sextette. Strong riffs, subtle electronic layers, furious vocals filled with consistent message and all the shock rock weaponry turn this project into a deadly machinery. Reminded me of Bile (and their killer “I Reject”), but also their style and sound can be associated with the music of Rob Zombie, Slipknot, Static X, Killswitch Engage, Schnitt Acht, Filter, Cop Shoot Cop, 16 Volt, Marilyn Manson, etc, a powerful, groovy mixture of groove metal strength, modern beats and industrial rock intensity.
Amerakin Overdose has been forged from six very unique individuals. Cody Perez (lead singer), “The Brick” (drums) Freeman Manfree (Guitar),“The Human” (Keyboards /Sequencing ), Enygma ( hype and shenanigans) each member embodies and personifies an element of modern Amerakin culture , power, corporate greed, pride, death, war, sex, money etc…. While the whole planet has overdosed on Amerakin culture and been consumed by double speak and cross talk , western society has lost all hope and embraced the living dead mentality. Amerakin Overdose urges you to “free your mind and see what’s inside” scare yourself to death and be reborn a free soul. Read more Amerakin Overdose – Amerakin Overdose (2012)