Pour Habit – Got Your Back (2011)

With their hybrid of technical punk and metal, Pour Habit are the right answer for those so-called new punk bands playing happy pop. Maybe heavy riffing won’t get you on the top of the Billboard but punk it’s not – and it shouldn’t be – about this.
Chuck Green – vocals, Eric Walsh – guitar/vocals, Matt Hawks – guitar, Steve Williams – bass/vocals and Colin Walsh – drums delivering fast, furious, but still melodic and catch punk rock with the heaviness and technicality of a speed metal band. Following and maintaining the tradition of Bad Brains and Suicidal Tendencies, Pour Habit are one of the most intense and explosive punk rock acts of the moment.
After self releasing their debut effort “Suiticide” in 2007, Fat Mike bring them in the court of Fat Wreck Chords and re-released the album in 2009. Read more Pour Habit – Got Your Back (2011)