Pussy Riot

Democracy? Are you joking, don’t you? What an old-fashioned concept! Dictators are highly appreciated characters by the so-called civilized West, it’s enough to think of Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi who not so long time ago was at least the best friend of most of the European leaders and presidents, it’s enough to look closer what a friendly and respectful relation is between all the – once again – so-called Capitalist and democratic world, the Occident, and Vladimir Vladimirovici Putin, or how little dictators as Victor Orban of Hungary or Traian Basescu of Romania are encouraged and supported by the leaders of the European Union – and even by Uncle Sam – and things are pretty clear for anybody who really want to see. But the fact is, nobody want to see, to hear, to give a s*it. The best interest of the West is to keep in office strong leaders (dictators) who are capable by any mean to keep masses under control. Nobody need a second opinion on anything. This is the new age and a new, pervert form of global colonization.
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