Karl Marx Was A Broker – Alpha to omega director’s cut (2013)

Karl Marx Was A Broker is such an interesting choice for a band name, isn’t it? Got this album from the Italian independent label fromScratch Records and it’s an excellent ride into experimental, ground-breaking alternative rock/metal. It’s a vivid and dynamic blending of different tastes and styles from jazz and psychedelic to the so-called match rock and progressive metal, but it’s also a bridge over time, one foot is on the solid ground of the 70’s while the other kicking down the doors to the future.
Strong riffs, powerful grooves and interesting build-ups make “Director’s Cut” an exciting and memorable listening. This is practically the rearranged version of the previous album (based only in bass and drum), it adds new instruments and sonorities given by a new band member’s entry, Stefano Tocci. The powerful rhythm section of KMWAB is now reinforced and reached with guitar and synth’s riff and with sequencer tracks. Read more Karl Marx Was A Broker – Alpha to omega director’s cut (2013)