Cathedral – The Last Spire (2013)

In February 2011, Cathedral announced that they will disband after one more album, entitled “The Last Spire”, which will be released in April 2013. Even further, they even played their official final show on December 3rd 2011.
Back then vocalist Lee Dorrian explained, “It’s simply time for us to bow out. Twenty one years is a very long time and it’s almost a miracle that we managed to come this far!.”
Honestly, I never was a huge doom metal supporter, nor Napalm Death fan back in their furious grindcore days. When Lee Dorrian left Napalm death in 1989 to form Cathedral with Mark ‘Griff’ Griffiths (a Carcass roadie) and Garry ‘Gaz’ Jennings (formerly of thrash metal upstarts Acid Reign), I wasn’t really interested. But I have to admit it, their 1991 debut album, “Forest of Equilibrium”, it’s one of its kind, something disturbing, extremely dark and uniquely heavy. Now, nine albums later, I hope that Lee Dorrian will have second thoughts and “The Last Spire” will be only a station, and not the final destination in the journey of Cathedral. Read more Cathedral – The Last Spire (2013)

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