The Raveonettes – Raven in the Grave (2011)

Something stinks in Denmark. Actually Shakespeare said: “Something Is Rotten in the State of Denmark.” – Hamlet, Act I, Scene 4, at line 90. Well, when British music press staple NME declare the Danish duo to be responsible for sparking “America’s pop renaissance”, something clearly stinks. On one hand, Brits has been already saved by the Americans by White Stripes, so, it’s pure wickedness to say America need to be “saved” by anybody, on the other hand when a band or an artist are highly praised by the media, there’s no bloody doubt: something stinks. Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo, the duo behind The Raveonettes delivered another nice album, but really, there’s nothing outstanding, nothing sparking, nothing special. In short words, it’s like Robert Smith (The Cure) teamed up with Angelo Badalamenti for a film score for David Lynch. Gloomy, airy, minimalist, kind of clear-obscure and with a particular, distant, but still warm retro taste, with a few nice tunes and a couple of better moments, but really, there’s nothing really impressive about “Raven in the Grave”. Read more The Raveonettes – Raven in the Grave (2011)

IAMX – Volatile Times (2011)

Back in 2004 Chris Corner left behind Sneaker Pimps and started this new project: IAMX. The musical direction is not quit out of Sneaker Pimps line, it’s still a gloomy, dark electronic blending with indie infusions and the lyrics are dealing with subjects such as sex, death, emotions, narcotic intoxication, decadence, religion, alienation and allusions to politics. Since the debut album “Kiss + Swallow” released in 2008, Chris didn’t waste any time and 2008 bring another two releases, “The Alternative” and “IAMIXED”. In 2009 was released “Kingdom of Welcome Addiction”, and in 2010 “DOGMATIC INFIDEL COMEDOWN OK”. So, Chris kept his self – and our – quit busy.
The new album was preceded by single “Ghosts of Utopia”, which received its first radio play on Prague’s Radio 1 on January 23 and was released on February 25 and a free download of “Fire and Whispers” was made available on March 4, as part of the count down of the album released on 18 March 2011, but the full album was leaked online on March 12. Read more IAMX – Volatile Times (2011)