A Swarm Of The Sun – The Rifts (2015)

A Swarm Of The Sun The Rifts 2015

A Swarm Of The Sun The Rifts 2015 This is the second installment from the Swedish duo A Swarm of the Sun and it will be released on January 30, 2015.
About many musical pieces I heard that people said it’s dark, but trust me, this is actually very dark, dense and depressive. It’s really overwhelming. You have to be in the right mood – state of the mind – to get through of it and enjoy it.
A Swarm of the Sun find their own path of music and their very own sound. It’s a massive wall of sound with subtle elements and a great balance of delicate emotions and pressuring density.
Erik Nilsson and Jakob Berglund – the core members of the band brought in drummer Karl Daniel Lidén to build up this sonic landscape based on smart layering and twisted melancholy. Heaviness and emotions are merged in this nine songs and the result it’s disturbing as an exorcism. In the official promo release they mention that “The Rifts reflects on various implications of a very specific, profound and personal struggle” – and it’s actually really came out of their music, literally you can feel some sort of deep sadness and shattering pain.
The music it’s expressive in a quit realistic way that it simply take you to some other place and bury you there in the end and it take effort to crawl back to the reality of your living-room. Read more A Swarm Of The Sun – The Rifts (2015)