Abducted Records – Genesis compilation, Vol. I (2014)

Abducted Records - Genesis EP vol 1 2014

Abducted Records - Genesis EP vol 1 2014 Started in 2008 by Dioptrics, Abducted Records has established themselves as one of the pioneer labels for all sounds HEAVY in the broken beat world of EDM. With a careful eye they watch for tracks that are both maticulously mixed down with a spark of brutality. Keeping a fresh list of both well established veterans, and brand new blood, Abducted makes it a point to be a breeding ground for new thoughts, sounds, and structure for the community. Huge Basslines, Pounding drums, Eerie atmospheres, Savage Synth lines, and Mezmorizing Melodies are what you can always expect when you see a track from us. We were sent to Earth with one mission in mind. Convince the world to GET ABDUCTED.
Now, Abducted Records brings you a collection of 10 of the heaviest pulse pounding, mind melting, brain shaking and floor rocking tunes this side of the universe.

From the Abducted Records official press release: “The Genesis of a new movement in bass music, pushing evil sounds that are designed for obliteration. Every song was made specifically for this compilation, all masterfully crafted by paying close attention to both sound design as well as soundscapes. The first in the series, we aim to set a standard for sound and style, and hope to lure followers into the darkness, to join our Alien Army.”
And in deed, this is a pretty gloomy trip into a world build upon mysterious and dark, sometimes quite cinematic textures and layers and filled up with wicked contortions and wobblings.

Featured artists and tracks:

Atomize and Tabata – Destroyer of Heavens
CodePandorum – Lucid Dream
Cretin – Reanimator
Cruel Reaction & Savid – Fuck You
Document One – Probe
Fate Zero – Submergence
Imperium and Soberts – Darkness Fall (Soberts VIP)
Moth – Antichrist
Moth and 187 Deathstep – Shotgun Addiction
Tabata and Mo – Unleashed

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