Skrillex – Recess (2014)

Skrillex – Recess (2014)

Skrillex – Recess (2014) While we all know Skrillex, envy Skrillex, love Skrillex, hate Skrillex or get bored of Skrillex, it’s kind of unexpected and surprising that “Recess” actually it’s his debut album as solo artist. Never would figure that. Well, true, I’m not a fan of the trend settler and trend butcherer producer. Now I honestly do not understand what’s the use, the purpose of releasing a dubstep/EDM album thesedays. We’re living the age of singles, nobody’s buying dance albums anymore and most of the people are buying tracks, mp3s to listen them from their phones while they are traveling on the bus or the subway and the music is meant to be to cut off the outside and any sort of man to man communication, and cover the white noise of the surroundings. If you’re not playing jazz, eventually rock of some sort of avant-garde/experimental whatever, an album seems pretty pointless – in these circumstances. And mainly while for the last six years you were conscious of that and released that sort of stuffs.
Skrillex have or want something to prove? I don’t think so. His fans and followers love him for those drops and wobblings, his haters and contestants for the same drops and wobblings. The marketing, the package of the album was pretty cool although.

On March 7, 2014, his website was changed to redirect to a page featuring a talking alien face, based on the Apple emoji. The face played short samples from album tracks when you clicked it. He released a mobile app, Alien Ride, on the same day which features an arcade-style objective where the spaceship has to destroy asteroids. This is actually fun and probably the most exciting thing about the album. Go to and play with that little alien.
On the album we’ve got 11 tracks and several guests – both artists and producers – including Ragga Twins, Kill the Noise, Fatman Scoop, Alvin Risk, Chance The Rapper and The Social Experiment, Diplo, Niki & The Dove), etc.


01 – All Is Fair In Love And Brostep ft. The Ragga Twins
02 – Recess ft. Kill The Noise & Fatman Scoop
03 – Stranger
04 – Try It Out (Neon Mix) ft. Alvin Risk
05 – Coast Is Clear ft. Chance The Rapper
06 – Dirty Vibe ft. Diplo
07 – Ragga Bomb ft. The Ragga Twins
08 – Doompy Poomp ft. Mishka
09 – FucK That
10 – Ease My Mind
11 – Fire Away

Released on March 14, 2014 by Big Beat Records and Atlantic Records.

Borrow it from somebody.

The most horrible tracks are the opening “All Is Fair In Love And Brostep” and “Ragga Bomb” featuring The Ragga Twins. But the title track is also a boring, predictable and meaningless mediocre product of a burned-out and suffocated mainstream.
I found a little bit more interesting “Stranger” featuring Sam Dew and KillaGraham; “Doompy Poomp” featuring Mishka; “Ease My Mind” featuring Niki & The Dove; “Dirty Vibe” with Diplo featuring G-Dragon and CL and, eventually “FucK That”. The rest of the album it’s simply rubbish. 5 out of 11 it’s better then nothing, but still, an EP probably would be more consistent.

Skrillex – Official Site

SoundCloud: @skrillex


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