Skip the Use – Little Armageddon (2014)

Skip the Use – Little Armageddon (2014)

Skip the Use – Little Armageddon (2014) While I’m drowning in a sea of absolutely boring music day after day, this pretty British sounding French band made my day and Monday. It’s a cool mixture of reggae, funk, punk-rock and accidentally some electronica. Smooth, groovy and nicely done. And genuine in a world of fake and plastic. Simply it feels right. Maybe it’s not revolutionary, it will not turn your world (and pity life) upside down, but it will keep you going. And although by default I would reject any mixture of punk with pop, this “Little Armageddon” sounds more convincing then most of the modern American self-declared punk products.
Mat Bastard (vocals), Yan Stefani (guitar), Jay Gimenez (bass), Lio Raepsaet (keyboards) and Manamax Catteloin (drums) at their third album just simply nailed it.


01 – Second to None
02 – 30 Years
03 – Nameless World
04 – The Taste
05 – Birds Are Born to Fly
06 – The Wrong Man
07 – The Story of Gods and Men
08 – Little Armageddon
09 – Gone Away
10 – Etre Heureux
11 – Lust for You
12 – We Are Bastards
13 – Hollywood
14 – No Hero
15 – In for the Kill

Buy it or steal it, won’t regret it!

Skip the Use – Official Site
Skip the Use – Facebook


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