Down With Webster – One In A Million remix contest on Indaba

DWW-One-LIKE-A-Million-remix “From a junior high school talent show to festival stages—such is the journey of Down With Webster. They’ve crawled their way from the absolute bottom with only the dream of success to feed their hungry stomachs, and now they’ve touched success, recently signing with Universal Canada.
Now Down With Webster and Indaba Music want you to remix “One In a Million”. Take the highly remixable stems to this pop tune and make it your own. Let’s see how well you stand out from the multitude of remixes.” – Indaba Music.
According to Wikipedia Down with Webster, or DWW, is a Canadian rap rock band from The Beaches area of Toronto, originally formed for a middle school talent show. They released their first official EP, Time to Win, Vol. 1, on October 6, 2009. The band has achieved success from all three singles released from Time to Win, Vol. 1. All three singles were certified Platinum in Canada. The album itself was certified Gold in Canada. Their second release, Time to Win, Vol. 2 was released on October 31, 2011.
Down with Webster has sold over 50,000 albums and has sold nearly 500,000 singles. The band has been nominated for Juno awards, MuchMusic Video Awards and Canadian Radio Music Awards.
Call me ignorant, outdated, whatever, I admit, this is the first time I listen a song performed by this band and honestly, I’m not impressed at all. Actually I can’t figure out how this kind of at best mediocre type of sub-musical products are so easily sold to the suckers as industry standards and artistic highlights. But I’m not judging anybody, definitively not the guys who are playing this kind of things and not those who listening and buying it. It’s something WRONG with the industry and the so-called taste-makers, trendsetters. Back in the days i thought Linkin Park it’s the biggest fake rock boy band ever, now I know, they aren’t even that. But one thing it’s for sure: these guys are – at least – goddamn lucky!

So, here is the original, figure it out for yourselves.

And here is my first, last (and always) ( 😆 ), short, but sharp take on this. No offense!! Enjoy – spread it like a disease:

One LIKE A Million. 😆

Oops!… I Did It Again!! 😆

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