Dynasty Electric – Euphoria and Supersonic Love remixes

Dynasty Electric Euphoria

Dynasty Electric Euphoria According to Wikipedia, Dynasty Electric is an electro-rock duo from Brooklyn, NY consisting of vocalist Jenny Electrik and multi-instrumentalist Seth Misterka. The band was formed in 2003 by Seth Misterka, a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer with a background in a spectrum of musical genres. Misterka has worked with artists such as jazz musicians Anthony Braxton and William Parker, and indie bands Hot Chip, Shy Child, and The Fever. He provides guitar, electronics and saxophone for Dynasty Electric. Misterka met lead singer Jenny Electrik at a New York city bar in a chance encounter and asked her to join his band as a bass player. Originally the band performed experimental, instrumental improvisations. Jenny Electrik eventually assumed the role of lead singer, in addition to playing bass, synthesizer, and theremin.
They designing Euphoria to be an “open-source” album, whereby we will originally write & record stripped down versions of our songs. Here is where it gets interesting. They make the stems available to the international community to fully produce and remix the songs. They’ll then pick our favorites and create the final version of the album to include the work of producers and remixers from around the globe. ‘Euphoria’ will be released this Fall on our label NewSonic (Frenchkiss Label Group).
Find out more at pledgemusic.com.
“Euphoria” and “Supersonic Love” were put up as remix contests also at Indaba, so here we go!

I was a bad, bad boy again and I hijacked “Euphoria” and twisted into a genuine Byzant At Sunset type of (http://byzantatsunset.bandcamp.com/) dark and jazz flavored monster. Making jazz out of a pop song was both challenging and fun. Just one thing still troubles me, why would somebody write a song called Euphoria in a minor key? It was not my choice, I would definitively go for a major D! Jenny’s singing do not express any joy, but fear and coldness. Or it is just me again?
Anyway, this is my favorite remix lately, love the result and only can hope that you will like and vote for it! En-fucking-joy!
Featuring Rich and Soundy Audio http://soundyaudio.com/ – special thanks for editing, engineering, mixing and mastering this!

Things were much simple with “Supersonic Love”.

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