Lords Of Acid – Deep Chills (2012)

Lords Of Acid – Deep Chills (2012) “Deep Chills” is the fifth studio album from the legendary Belgian electro-dance-industrial band Lords of Acid and marks the band’s first studio album in 12 years. With the exception of band founder Praga Khan, “Deep Chills” features an entirely new lineup from previous releases and marks the first time an American vocalist – Mea Fisher (aka DJ Mea) – to take on vocal duties for an album. The album also features guest vocals from porn star Alana Evans on “Pop That Tooshie,” as well as vocals from Zak Bagans, star of Ghost Adventures and host of Paranormal Challenge, on the track “Paranormal Energy”. “Paranormal Energy” have also a quite intriguing story, according to Khan, his studio computer took on a life of its own and began writing its own music. Khan described the experience, stating “While working on a new Lords of Acid track tremendous fear shook my heart as I tried to edit a melody line on my cubase. All of a sudden it felt like the computer came to life, notes started to change position creating a new melody, completely different from the original one.” Khan also declared that the computer was not connected to the internet, so, there was no way his computer could have been hacked.
During the recording session another incident occurred,
the neighbors had complained of “hedonistic chantings” and a police ride interrupt the recordings at the band’s Belgium-based recording studio and the studio staff were detained and questioned for three hours. Following their release, police refused to release Khan’s ID card to him until he agreed to submit to a drug test.

So, we’ve got 14 (included one hidden track) kinky, techno banger and hard rocking new tracks, an excellent balance between sex and humor, gloom and fun, industrial riffs and techno beats, some wobbling basses – just for their flavor and the rock’n’roll spirit, just the right amount of fun and energy to listen this till you’ll set the dance floor on fire.


01. Little Mighty Rabbit (4:36)
02. Drowning In Ecstasy (4:53)
03. Long Johns (4:56)
04. Sole Sucker (4:15)
05. Pop That Tooshie (Feat. Alana Evans) (4:35)
06. The Love Bus (3:19)
07. Children Of Acid (5:34)
08. Hot Magma (4:22)
09. Medicine Man (7:05)
10. Censorship Blows (4:32)
11. Slip ‘N Slide (3:30)
12. Mary, Queen Of Slots (3:10)
13. Paranormal Energy (Feat. Zak Bagans) (4:34)
14. Surfin’ Hedgehog (12:46) (including hidden track)

Arranged By – Erhan Kurkun
Arranged By [Additional] – Glenn Engelen
Artwork By – Karl Kotas
Bass – Murv Douglas
Drums, Percussion [Electronic] – Kirk Salvador
Guitar – Virus (30)
Vocals – DJ Mea
Vocals, Synthesizer, Programmed By, Producer – Praga Khan

The leading single, “Little Mighty Rabbit”, originally released as EP on September 27, 2011, it’s a kind of twisted off, modern, reiterated “Darling Niki” (Prince). Maybe not so sexy, not so subtle, but fun. Much as plastic could be fun! 😆
“Sole Sucker” it’s a minimal techno with some pounding industrial infusion and addictive beats, perfect for grinding the floor!
“Pop That Tooshie” it’s like a disco hit from the 80’s with an additional bomb-bass line and an industrial riff. Think of something like Salt’N’Pepa versus Pigface.
“The Love Bus” reminded me of Sigue Sigue Sputnik. It’s a “Love Missile” ready to explode. It have an excellent pop hook.
“Medicine Man” it’s a dark and powerful, still lyrical electro track, pretty addictive and blessed with a huge and pounding groove.
“Censorship Blows” it’s an industrialized, contorted anthem juggling between the late 80’s industrial sound and the upbeat of nowadays fancy drumstep.
And “Deep Chills” it’s throughout about balancing between different sounds and moods, merging and melting into one different styles, or simply stumbling from one into another. “Slip ‘N Slide” it’s like a late 70’s punk single from Gruppo Sportivo or Nina Hagen. Odd, but we’re living in a world where odd it’s sometimes considered normality, and most of the things are upside down.
So, this is a quite vivid, twisted in and out album, with several infectious tracks – as the floor banger “Long Johns” – disconsidering genres and crossing through styles. It’s something for everybody and each one of you. And this is a half-way positive, half-way negative thing. Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I like it. It’s much-much better then most of the prefabricated, tasteless, strictly loop-based and boring throughout, nowadays fancy, but instantly forgettable products.
Kinky sex and weird music makes the world go on! 😆 Anyway, this feels better then any religion I know and sounds better then the fake s*its that flood the market lately!!

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