Bad Religion – True North (2013)

Bad Religion – True North (2013) Formed in Los Angeles in 1979, Bad Religion released its sixteenth studio album, kind of unbelievable actually, they some real survivors of a long gone and by many forgotten era. The age of true, honest, undiluted punk (rock). But some things are never change and it’s a good thing. Bad Religion sounds just like three decades ago, and “True North” it’s a very energetic, fresh, sing-a-long type of, genuine Bad Religion release. These melodies, rapid beats, simple and tasty riffs never can be mistaken for anyone, but Bad Religion.
“True North” is a celebration of everything we always love and appreciated about Bad Religion. This is probably their best album, but, fortunately, not their last!



01. “True North” (1:56)
02. “Past Is Dead” (2:39)
03. “Robin Hood in Reverse” (2:53)
04. “Land of Endless Greed” (1:53)
05. “Fuck You” (2:14)
06. “Dharma and the Bomb” (2:00)
07. “Hello Cruel World” (3:50)
08. “Vanity” (1:02)
09. “In Their Hearts Is Right” (1:59)
10. “Crisis Time” (2:39)
11. “Dept. of False Hope” (2:40)
12. “Nothing to Dismay” (2:07)
13. “Popular Consensus” (1:53)
14. “My Head Is Full of Ghosts” (1:46)
15. “The Island” (1:28)
16. “Changing Tide” (2:23)

“True North”, the opening title track start as a hurricane, and the gallop that Bad Religion delivers not really slow down till the very last “Changing Tide”. “True North” it’s a fast, furious, extremely catchy, memorable and singable punk rock anthem, a true Bad Religion pearl. And this is the spirit – and the tempo – that running through the whole album.
“Robin Hood in Reverse” it’s one more genuine punk rock anthem, once you heard it, will never be able to get it out from your head. And, impressively, the following “Land of Endless Greed” it’s even better! Or the next “Fuck You”. This is the most impressive thing about “True North”: there are no fills, no mistakes, no meaningless passages, no wasted time or boring moments.
It’s hard not to bang on “Dharma and the Bomb”, and everything else between the slower grinding “Hello Cruel World” and the dizzy speed of “Vanity”.

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