History of the Hawk – Future Ruins (2012)

History of the Hawk Future Ruins 2012 Punk ain’t dead. Even more, the present it’s intense and murderous and definitively there are more then simple hopes for a future. And this is genuine Punk, I mean, not that soap-box/bubble-gum, Californian sun-burnt and Pop flavored “Punk” which the media and the multinationals selling for decades now. “Descending Light” explode like a grenade and the whole “Future Ruins” it’s a killer spiral of energy and aggression. With roots back to Black Flag, Minor Threat and Dead Kennedys, but related to contemporary challengers such as Gallows and Converge merging brutality and intensity, Hardcore energy and Post-Metal rawness, History of the Hawk delivered a truly unique and own flavored, pounding and crushing Punk album. It’s fresh, it’s furious, it’s colorful and re-inventing the heritage of the past to send it right into the future.


While most of their tracks are under 2 minutes, the almost 5 minutes trip of “Terraforming” seems an epic adventure into a more experimental, ground breaking area of Post-Rock with its slow burning, contorted flow. But honestly it’s hard to pick favorites while each song have it’s own little twist, catchy hook. Somehow “Hospitals” echoed in my ears, like those contrasting vibes they merged into it. “Future Ruins” have that weight and intensity what Rollins Band has reached with their 1992’s “The End of Silence”.
It’s hard to get rid of the dark and slow closing chords of “Dialect is Dead” or not to start a deadly pogo – or a riot! – on “Arab Spring”. This British band and their killer debut album it’s bloody contagious and addictive!!

Recorded by Jason Sanderson at Orion Studios in Rotherham, UK.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side in New York, USA.
History of the Hawk are:
Nath – Vocals
Luke – Guitar and Vocals
Beckley – Guitar and Vocals
Harper – Bass and Vocals
Allan – Drums

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