Ostfront – Ave Maria (2012)

OstFront - Ave Maria (2012) Operation Ostfront (German for “Eastern Front”) was the sortie into the Arctic Ocean by the German warship Scharnhorst during World War II. In May 1941, after the loss of the German battleship Bismarck, Adolf Hitler had forbidden any German capital ship from venturing into contested seas. By December 1943 the tide had turned against Germany. The Battle of the Atlantic had been lost, and supplies poured into the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union. In September 1943 the German battleship Tirpitz was disabled during the British Operation Source, leaving Scharnhorst and Prinz Eugen the only operational heavy ships in the Kriegsmarine. In November 1943 the Arctic Convoys restarted. On 19 December 1943 Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz submitted a request to Hitler to allow Scharnhorst to attack the next convoy sailing through the Barents Sea. On the 25 December 1943 Dönitz ordered Ostfront to commence. Admiral Fraser, alerted by Norwegian resistance information to the possibility of an interception by Scharnhorst, prepared a trap for the German warship.
On 25 December Scharnhorst sailed to intercept the British convoy, JW 55B, believing it to be sparsely protected. In the ensuing Battle of the North Cape Scharnhorst was separated from her escorting destroyers and was sunk. This is history.
Neue Deutsche Härte – “New German Hardness” it’s a term invented by the German music press in 1995 specially to describe/defined the music delivered by Rammstein on their debut album “Herzeleid”. Also known as German Electronic Metal or Dance Metal (tanzmetall), this new genre has its roots in the music of bands such as Laibach, Die Krupps and Oomph! and along Rammstein the genre is proudly represented by bands such as Eisbrecher, Megaherz, Megaherz, Tanzwut, Umbra et Imago, In Extremo, Omega Lithium, Stahlhammer, Fleischmann, etc.
Ost+Front will definitively delight all and each Rammstein fan.


The only question, eventually, it’s if there is any room for one more Rammstein clone? And probably there is, while many bands try to copy that sound and style not only in Germany, but across Europe. On the other hand, Ost+front sounds great and although “Ave Maria” have all over its body the fingerprints of Rammstein, it’s still a pretty intense and exciting listening.
Don’t really find out any background information about Ost+front, far as I know, they released a single entitled “Fleisch” in 2011 and “Ave Maria” it’s probably their debut album. “Heimkind”, “911”, “Ich liebe es”, “Gang Bang”, “Fleisch”, “Denkelied” are songs which will echoing in your ears for a while and listening throughout “Ave Maria” for several times make it more and more enjoyable, so, answering a previous question, definitively there is one more room for Ost+front at the music market and on the music scene.


01. 911
02. Ich liebe es
03. Dawaj Dawaj
04. Heimat Erde
05. Ein alter Mann
06. Gang Bang
07. 1&1
08. Nur für dich
09. Heimkind
10. Fleisch
11. Dein Kanal
12. Denkelied

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