IAMEVE – Throw Me A Line – Only the Wicked [Remix]

When everything is gray and predictable, prophecies are pointless. When life becomes routine, we don’t need crystal balls anymore to see the future and Magic fades away and dies. When we’ve got social networks, we can forget about real life… “Throw Me A Line” – my first intercourse with IAMEVE – sounds like an exile on planet Earth. Tiff Randol is half way between Kate Bush and Tori Amos while her music was best described by The Huffington Post as “if Alice took Ziggy Stardust’s hand and followed him down the rabbit hole to a world guided by the twists and turns of Randol’s ethereal and colorful vocals”. Randol is hypnotizing, she have the Magic.
IAMEVE’s debut album, “The Everything Nothing” is a 12-song concept album which explores the journey of Eve Ami from self-destruction to self-love. She explains: “We live in a world encumbered by a desire for instant gratification. Patience is a virtue that has been discarded by many of us pursuing big ideas, dreams, and love, often skewing our perspective with sensory overload. We are addicted to the next ping, beep, vibration, fix, or passing fancy. And none of this is a bad thing. I think the Universe is in a constant state of balancing itself. And that must be what’s happening now.

Everything and everyone has polarity. We all encompass extremes, but like a pendulum whose arc decays slightly with every swing we eventually arrive at center. Life is a constant state of ebb and flow, and balance is required by existence.
Humans are afraid to be in our own skin. It makes sense because we know that one day the skin will be gone. We are afraid of the inevitable, so we seek distractions — we plug in — to keep us from that unavoidable internal dialogue. When we do it feels as though time has stopped. And yet it hasn’t, because the clock has tick-tocked away while we were glued to the screen. We just missed a beat.”

The first single “Throw Me A Line” premieres April 2012 on HelloGiggles.com and 98.7fm Close To Me and will be followed by a new single for 12 consecutive months, along with videos, artwork, and live performances. IndabaMusic.com will be hosting a monthly remix contest.

“There’s a big black hole and me in the center
Yelling help please help please help
It’s a dead end street in the heart of winter
Where only the wicked walk
Where only the wicked walk
Where only the wicked walk

There’s a big black hole only I am to blame for
It’s a crime from a lifetime ago
There’s a clock that ticks and a lonely death wish
Tell me when will this end?
Tell me when will this end?
Tell me I’ll see the sky again..

There is magic in the city she’s drowning in it quickly
Get there in time throw me a line someone be kind
There’s a desert oasis where the sun has many faces
Oh, there’s water on the moon throw me a line

Throw me a line. Throw me a line.
Throw me a line. Throw me a line.

I got to get out
Feel the wind on my face
I got to run for miles
Just to find an embrace
I got to get out
get out into the air
I got to run for home
and feel the wind in my hair

When the sun crosses the milky-way
the planets will align
everyone better get in line
Cause the worlds gonna rise
and the light’s gonna shine…”

The original song seems to me a little bit too long – almost 7 minutes – I cut it down much as I could, finally got “only” 4.40 minutes. I imagine it as a scream for help or a silent prayer and I tried to merged both into my mix. The world of dualities, but…. only the wicked walk….

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