Hooka Hey – Little Things, EP (2011)

A little piece of the 70’s careless, still heavy, harmony full, but simultaneously powerful as well rock. Several names came up instantly with every chord they take, but names are less important: the kids of today probably never hear of most of them anyway. But they may get know Hooka Hey, a French band, formed in 2008 on the basis of two other bands: Sentenza and Holsters.
In May 2008 Hooka Hey released their first album finding balance and merging into one the power of Led Zeppelin’s guitar and the rawness of Neil Young’s folk. It was followed by an acoustic EP, “The Country Side” which highlights the country face most of the group and it was only distributed to fans.
“Little Things”, the bands third EP was released this year in September and we’ve got a little bit of everything.

“Bad Mama” sounds like a collision between Guns’N’Roses and Stone Temple Pilots, it’s one of their most heavy songs, “Little Things” recall the perfumes of Led Zeppelin, while the opening “Hush” have a pregnant taste of progressive/space rock of the ’70s with a strong, modern sound.
Can listen their songs on their website and MySpace page.
Good to go, looking forward to hear the debut album.
Hooka Hey – Official Site
Hooka Hey @ MySpace

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