4 comments on “13 creative poster designs from Alex Tass

    • 5 … see more at the artist’s site. 13… hopefully lucky 13. ­čśÇ
      a good poster sell any event, that’s why music is industry and business, rather than something connected to art. probably.

  1. I always wanted to know what guys who design posters like these think??? artist immm no artist … Guess you found out! It is a different mentality as I see it… in a way fascinating… no angst… nothing depressing… just ecastasy induced happiness and all is hunky dory.

    • I thought you’ll be interested in The Tiger Lillies, not in a strictly theoretical discussion about poster arts.
      Anyway, I guess design, and particularly making posters, flyers, badges and other promotional materials is a quite different occupation/job/handicraft. And honestly, why a party poster should be depressing? Well, obviously if you release a poster for a black metal horde, it won’t be pink. ­čÖé Techno music and ecstasy kind of synonymous, isn’t it?

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