Thrown to the Sun – Of Oceans and Raindrops (2011) free download!

Progressive, technical death metal from Istanbul, Turkey of a young, talented band formed only one year ago by guitarists Ahmet Saraçoğlu and Batuhan Bekmen. Enver Yılmaz filled in as vocalist and bassist Onur Altınay and drummer Bahadır Sarp finally complete the line-up.
They planned to record an EP including three songs: “Ravenous Sun”, “Seized by Obscurity” and “Laceration”, but they actually wrote almost an hour of music, so they delivered directly a debut album. This is quite a brilliant release and well, you can download it for free from the band’s web site.

Fans always will be delighted by all those free stuffs out there, I’m still wondering how many sacrifices are made by those guys to deliver their music… And I’m honestly worried because at the bottom line the real music will disappear and we will be stuck exclusively to the mainstream bullshits. It’s heartful to play music for joy, but still, at least you have to pay utilities, isn’t it?
“Of Oceans and Raindrops” consist of 11 tracks plus intro and it’s a very consistent, intense and inspired album, Thrown to the Sun sounds extremely mature and determined.
Love this one and the guys already promised the next material, so stay tune, Thrown to the Sun are here to stay, make no mistake, they gonna rip your head off and make no compromises.

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