Eepocampe – When Things Get Abstract (2011)

Post rock merging together progressive explorations and kind of abstract trippings and polished, melancholic indie rock resonances. Sounds pretty American, but also have some clear, tasty European aromas, roots. It’s a pretty unique mixture of traditional (progressive) rock with contemporary shoegaze, psychedelic experiences and space rock after-tastes merged into post-rock driven indie vibes, but also including some of the gloomy, post-emo bitterness.
Formed on 31st December 2005 by Antony Lourdel, Alexis Medina and Anthony Wailly, the French Eepocampe delivered their second album on the 5th of October 2011 and they are looking at the world to conquer it.

“Day after day all takes another way”, the band’s debut album was released in 2008 and it drew the attention of an American booking agency which organized them a tour in Japan.
Eepocampe played extensively also in Europe and now they delivered their second album entitled “When Things Get Abstract”.
8 tracks, a vibrating journey into the universe made of meditative soundscapes and driven guitar riffs and singable, catchy melodies. If I had to describe their music in only one world, probably this world would be balance. Eepocampe managed to build up their own musical universe harmonizing tradition and further experiments, musical explorations into one and creating a perfect balance between them.

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When things get abstract by Eepocampe

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