Shining – Live Blackjazz (2011)

“Blackjazz” was my favorite album of 2010 and it was only “beaten” by very short in the very last lap by Zorn’s “Ipsissimus” ( 10 best albums of 2010 ). The Norwegian band find an extremely unique path between jazz, black and industrial metal and forged screaming saxophones with cutting edge riffs and pounding drums, howling, brutal vocals with schizophrenic melodies, grinding noises with killer rhythms. Jørgen Munkeby definitively it’s a maniac and with his band mates – Torstein Lofthus, Tor Egil Kreken, Massive Skills – Shining gets stronger and better every day. Delivering a live version of their songs reveals the true dimension of their power, rawness and merciless vitality. 9 tracks, not exclusively the tracklist of their murderous “Blackjazz”, but including also older compositions as well, “Live Blackjazz” is the promise that Shining will deliver more and more excitement in the following decades.

From the contorted but extremely catchy opening with the anthematic “Fisheye”, through the breathing madness of “Exit Sun” and “Healter Skelter” and to the murderous cover of “21st Century Schizoid Man”, “Live Blackjazz” is more than “another” live album, but it’s the live album we all had waiting for and it’s the essence of the raw, breathing, alive and looking into the future music, it is the new standard.

Blackjazz by SHINING


01 – Fisheye
02 – The Madness And The Damage Done
03 – In The Kingdom Of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster
04 – The Red Room
05 – Goretex Weather Report
06 – Winterreise
07 – Exit Sun
08 – Healter Skelter
09 – 21st Century Schizoid Man

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