Cosmonauts Day – Paths of The Restless (2011)

I closed my review about their debut live-demo EP saying that I’m looking forward to listen to their whole album and it seems this is one of the very few wishes that actually comes true.
Cosmonaut Day delivering a quite unique mixture of post-rock, stoner/sludge metal and space/progressive rock with some exotic aromas, original structures and harmonies and exciting rhythmic and grooves. “Name your price” means that you can download their album even for free from Bandcamp page, but I believe all these underground bands from all over the world who delivering quite exciting alternatives for the boring and predictable mainstream products deserves our full support and eventually every penny counts.

Released on 15th November 2011, “Paths of The Restless” was recorded in Moscow at Destroy the Humanity Studios, engineered by Anton Kondakov, Artem Beliy & Ilya Marvel, mixed by Anton Kondakov and mastered by Pavel Sinilo at Everest Studio. The album sounds epic, massive, absolutely professional.
Dima – guitars, Krasen – bass, Chekan – guitars, Nikita – drums managed to bring to the surface eight tracks, including all of the songs from their debut EP, but some of them were renamed during the re-recording process. Cosmonauts Day get a little bit darker, the opening “The Captain” reminds me somehow of Fields Of the Nephilim’s legendary “The Nephilim” album from ’88 as atmosphere, but something gloomier, more tensioned are nicely sneaked into the whole flow of the album creating excellent contrasts and simultaneously bringing some groovy balance with the lighter, warmer moments.
And there is something very friendly, very beautiful about their music which it make the whole album extremely catchy.
What I wrote about their debut EP, still stands: they got excellent themes, inspired breaks and shifts, powerful riffs and catchy harmonies, perfect sense of rhythm and intelligent groove in changing moods and tones to create perfect, natural flows.
Although I’m not quite into instrumental rock albums and generally speaking I’m not the biggest fan of the so-called shoegaze trend, Cosmonauts Day managed to merged into one the glowing intensity of sludge metal and spacy meditative textures of shoegaze, the traditional taste of the space rock and the modern minimalism and finally they find their own path and universe delivering a beautiful album to us.
Enjoy it!

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