Chris Connelly – Artificial Madness (2011)

Above all, Chris Connelly is one of the few independent artists today who still believes in the power of songwriting as nothing short of divine narrative; the craft of music as the perfect vehicle for poetic expression. Connelly was an active member and contributor to Ministry and to The Revolting Cocks between 1987 and 1993, but he was involved in several other projects and bands such as: PTP, Acid Horse, Killing Joke, Pigface, The Bells, Catherine, Chainsuck, The Damage Manual, Die Warzau, Everyoned, Finitribe, The High Confessions, KMFDM, Thanatos, The Love Interest, The Final Cut, Murder, Inc. and he developed his own solo career.
The Scottish-born, Chicago-based musician established himself as a talented alternative singer and songwriter, and his vocal style is often compared to that of Scott Walker and David Bowie.

“Artificial Madness” is a classic sounding industrial album, eventually sound like David Bowie in the 80’s were formed Ministry instead of Al Jourgensen. But also reminds me somehow of Public Image Limited and Killing Joke as well, but the charming aromas of The Revolting Cocks are also present here. It’s industrial, it’s alternative, it’s avant-garde, but in a good, old-fashioned way, still, extremely hot and looking forward. It’s kind of revolutionary by simplicity and digging out the roots of this real – original – alternative metal/rock, but sounding fresh and inspired, breathing.
This is what I call good stuff, but definitively this isn’t a music product in the manner of nowadays trends. That’s why I’m loving it even more.


01 – Artificial Madness
02 – Wait For Amateur
03 – Classically Wounded
04 – Cold Blood In Present Company
05 – Compatibility
06 – The Modern Swine
07 – Imperfect Star
08 – The Paraffin Hearts
09 – The Subjects
10 – The Goner
11 – A Career In Falsehood

Also can find some free MP3 downloads of demos and unreleased materials HERE.

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