Eksi Ekso – Brown Shark Red Lion (2011)

Merge some songs left over from David Bowie since the 70s with some experimental indie, dream pop like layers and perhaps the result will sound just like this third album by Eksi Ekso, the band from Boston, Massachusetts, US. For the good of the experiment, eventually try to do this in your living room and bring some neighbors as well. There’s no guarantee at all that you will sound like Tom Korkidis (vox, guitar, bass, keys, samples, woodwinds), Alex Mihm (drums, loops, percussion), Sean Will (keys, samples, trumpet), and their collaborators, but it worth to try. 😀 At their MySpace page at the paragraph “Sounds like” they wrote: “We play instruments in the same room, sometimes in ways that sound like we’re playing together.” Nice. And in their case it worked out absolutely perfectly. “Brown Shark Red Lion” is a strange, sometimes airy, sometimes scattered, waving, rolling album. Million shades and colors sparking around and sometimes you’re not really sure what actually you’re listening at, but still, it’s kind of warm, familiar and friendly.

Sometimes sequels of previous post-rock vibes are reaching to the surface, but mainly this time Eksi Ekso remains in a more softer sphere of the music and the warm memories of the 70s are melted into the more pulsing sounds of the post-modern indie and the result is an unique and beautiful (chamber) music. Very interesting in deed. And charming. I really don’t know why I said that, but this is how it felt.

Eksi Ekso – Official Site
Eksi Ekso – on MySpace

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