Ad Inferna – There Is No Cure (2011)

Mixing dark EBM with Euro-dance/trance and some Gothic/Industrial twist, Ad Inferna from Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France, returning with their forth studio album “There Is No Cure”. Actually, this is a dark place where there’s no God. The duo of VoA VoXyD – Lead Guitars, Keyboards & Electronics and V. V. Arkames – Lead Vocals moved from Trance (“Trance N Dance”) to club oriented EBM (“DSM”) and now they go down on a darker path with Gothic shades and blending their Trance roots with the previously incorporated EBM sounds. Powerful beats, dark multi-layer textures, gloomy soundscapes and mixed lyrics, both English and French, create dark and filthy atmosphere. They exploring the traditional area of depravation, suffering, S&M and other oddities features usually on EBM and Gothic production. This is the world of shadows, whispers, obscurity and guilt. The album also features two collaborations. First one is with former Ashbury Heigts singer Kari Berg on “French Kiss Of Death” and the second one is with Zombie Girl on “Stigmata”. “There Is No Cure” have a few intense moments, interesting turns, fans of the genre will appreciated for sure. It’s not bad, but I saw and I heard that many things, I’m hard to impress.

Ad Inferna – Official Site
Ad Inferna – on MySpace

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