Nazareth – Big Dogz (2011)

Nazareth – Big Dogz (2011)

Nazareth – Big Dogz (2011) It’s hard to believe, Dan McCafferty rocking since 1968 while Axl Rose and his Guns N’ Roses get tired after only a decade of being in the great Rock ‘N’ Roll circus and somehow Dan McCafferty at the age of 64 seems fresher than Axl at 49. Dopes are bad, dude… “Big Dogz” is Nazareth’s 22nd album and it rocks in the best possible good-old ways. We’ve got 11 brand new heavy, classic, convincing rock songs, a record that shows a strong, alive and kicking band. The other caterpillar is bass player Pete Agnew. Guitarist Jimmy Murrison joined Nazareth in 1994, replacing Billy Rankin, and Lee Agnew – the son of Pete Agnew – worked as a drum technician for Nazareth, and when Darrell Sweet died in 1999, he became the permanent drummer of the band. A nice generation gathering, isn’t it?
Their previous album “The Newz” was released in 2008, so, once again, they moving faster than Axl.

And Nazareth just delivered another honest, straight, powerful, rock album with a couple of great songs and some charming moments. These dogs still bites and  there’s just only one possible thing we can say: hats off, grand pa’ rocks!

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Nazareth – Big Dogz (2011)


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