Frustration – Uncivilized (2013)

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Frustration – Uncivilized (2013) Frustration it’s definitively not that average indie/punk/post-whatever band and although we’re listening to a French band, they sound pretty British-American and bloody intense. Mixing the sound of Iggy and the Stooges, with contorted post-modernist a la Mark E. Smith and The Fall and some Franz Ferdinand/The Enemy type of indie-punk flavors, this Parisian combo find their own path to deliver they heavy, raw and militant post-punk-rock. No compromise, but energy and intensity. Not staying on their knees and becoming a whore of the media and the industry, it’s not only a proof of integrity, but it’s really rare on the music scene lately.
While music became only a secondary sub-product of the music industry, it’s pretty cool to still stumble into some real stuff. And “Uncivilized”, Frustration’s second album was already declared one most important French records released in the past 5 to 10 years. And it makes perfect sense. Just listen to the title track and you will know why this was labeled brutal. Read more Frustration – Uncivilized (2013)