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Faith No More - Sol Invictus (2015) “We will do something again only when all members are with the focus on that, and ready for the challenge” – said Billy Gould In July 2013. Two years later and 18 years since the previous FNM studio album we’ve got finally “Sol Invictus”. Meanwhile Mr. Patton was king not for one day, but on several occasions, last time on the Zorn’s Moonchild album “The Last Judgement” in 2014, but also on the “The Song Project Vinyl Singles Edition” by the same and restless downtown alchemist, Zorn.
Although it’s been a lifetime since “Album of the Year”, it’s the same line-up as last time. Guitarist Jon Hudson it’s part of the family now although there will be always fans expecting Jim Martin back. Just to sweeten things up a little bit, “Superhero” have some Martin-flavored solid and heavy guitar riffs.
I’m excited about this new album, but also scared of. I should sit back and enjoy the music, not to have any kind of expectation, but it’s difficult!
Seven is a Magick number and the title, “Sol Invictus” have some ceremonial vibe as well, so “Unconquered Sun” set the target high… as the Sun. (more…)

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