John Zorn – The Song Project Vinyl Singles Edition (2014)

John Zorn – The Song Project Vinyl Singles Edition (2014) This is not an album, but a treasure with the characteristic of a dynamite: it will explode right in your face in the very moment when you will push play.
Although there is a solid line-up of gifted singers such as Jesse Harris or Sofia Rei, the crown belongs to the genius of Mike Patton. He’s really something and he is brilliant, sparkling and unique each and every time, with each song he reveals another shade or dimension of his unlimited possibilities to approach and perform a song. It’s both admirable and completely disarming.
But the release feature a whole army of outstanding musicians conducted by the man who put all this “atoms” and “elements’ to work, the Magus John Zorn. Marc Ribot – Guitar; Trevor Dunn – Bass; John Medeski – Organ, Piano, Fender Rhodes; Kenny Wollesen – Vibes, Joey Baron – Drums and Cyro Baptista – Percussion are the solid foundation of these sonic buildings.

This fabulous compilation was created to celebrate Zorn’s 60th Birthday (September 2, just like me!). Zorn asked his most acclaimed vocal collaborators to write lyrics to select compositions from his vast musical catalog including music originally written for Naked City, Masada, The Dreamers, a variety of film soundtracks and other music he have written in the past 30 years.
Presented in a special limited edition box set of six vinyl 45-rpm singles in a beautiful box set with a 32-page book filled with photos, lyrics and more, this is a collector’s dream of one of Zorn’s most popular and lyrical projects.
The set includes six vinyl singles, each with an A side and a B side. John Zorn conducted each piece, while Mike Patton, Jesse Harris and Sofia Rei provided the vocals. Marc Ribot, John Medeski, Kenny Wollesen, Trevor Dunn, Joey Baron and Cyro Baptista played the music for each track. Lyricists include Lennon, Patton, Rei and Harris. The limited edition set will be available for purchase on the Tzadik label’s website.

The opening “Flying Blind” introducing Patton it’s like a Deep Purple track on amphetamines. It’s hard rock, punk rock, and total intensity simultaneously and it’s last – perfectly – only 1 minute and 54 seconds. After this murderous opening nothing can go wrong!
Sofia Rei introduce us to the Magick of the “Sombra en el Espejo” with it’s dark and sad, but temperamental, hot blooded and boiling Spanish roots.
Jesse Harris and “The Wind in the Clouds” feels like a soundtrack mixed up with an uncontrolled jazz performance in a bar. Hypnotizing and breathtaking!
“Perfect Crime” bring together the writing talent of Sean Lennon and John Zorn, with the performance of Mike Patton and Sofia Rei. It’s almost like a Santana flavored Latin-rock performance, absolutely… criminal!
“Para Borrar tu Andar” introduce the duo of Sofia Rei and John Zorn, with vocals by Sofia Rei and Mike Patton. It’s a very vibrant song with the Spanish taste and the feeling of the 70’s.
“Kafiristan” was written by Jesse Harris and John Zorn, with vocals by Jesse Harris and Sofia Rei. It’s a little bit dreamy, a little bit mysterious and ultimately quite jazzy. A nice mixture of ambiance, smooth textures and exciting performance.
“Do Not Let Us Forget” it’s another piece by Mike Patton and John Zorn, with the incredible vocal performance by Mike Patton. What starts as a The Doors song, turns into a raging, 7 headed dragon. Improvised jazz-rock adventure.
“La Despedida” delivered by Sofia Rei and John Zorn and with vocals by Sofia Rei chill down the things again. It’s a very nice, charming journey, it’s like a blooming flower and the performance of Sofia Rei it’s absolutely remarkable! And – of course – the band it’s fabulous as well!
“Burn” (Takes 1 and 2) bring back Mike Patton and John Zorn and this time they go over the edge of exploration and envelope pushing with a totally Moonchildish sonic grinding. Not for innocent bystanders, but for connoisseur!
“Waiting for Christmas” created by Jesse Harris and John Zorn and with vocals by Jesse Harris and Sofia Rei have the perfume of the baked apple – and I think I told you everything!
“The Man in the Blue Mask” it’s another one written by by Jesse Harris and John Zorn, with powerful vocals of Mike Patton. It’s a trip to the Moon and back with all the ingredients from quiet minimalism to hurricane like rock explosions. Hats off guys!
“Assassin’s Bay” by Mike Patton and John Zorn, with vocals by all the three singers involved in this project – Mike Patton, Sofia Rei and Jesse Harris – it could be easily confused with any Faith No More creation, but still, it’s absolutely Zorn throughout. It contains the essence of this anniversary release and place a nice dot to the end of it.

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