Wall Of The Eyeless – Through Emptiness, Demo (2011)

Wall Of The Eyeless Through Emptiness [Demo] 2011 Knowing how damn hard it is to independently promote your music in this bought-up and sold-out world, I want to bring to your attention this release before the year it’s over. No electronic shits and dubstep infusions, no “metalcore”, no fake heaviness, but sparking originality and true to the bone Metal as rarely we can listen lately. And even further, this band is formed by two extremely young, 21, respectively 18 year old, but talented and gifted guys. The future of Metal sounds brighter and thunderous now! The old school is the new school!!
Genuine, raw sounding, but complex and technical Death/Black Metal mixture with roots back to classic and Neo-Progressive Heavy Metal and interesting switches from bone cutter distorted riffs to sensitive acoustic breakdowns, Wall Of The Eyeless delivered a quality debut recording, a hell of a demo and very promising promo. And they actually managed to write 4 songs and not only a boring, noisy series of themes and boring cliches.
They promising a second demo for 2013, but actually I hope they will deliver a debut album recorded in a proper studio with the benefits of the proper production. So, it’s up to you if to pay for the download or not, but if you think it’s good, please support the band, I believe they deserve it.
You can also purchase the CD release – jewel case with a 8-page booklet with info, drawings, lyrics and photos at Bigcartel.comRead more Wall Of The Eyeless – Through Emptiness, Demo (2011)

Matt Stevens – Relic (2011)

I admit, I didn’t listen to Matt Stevens previous works and quite honestly, I’m kind of “scared” of instrumental rock music because generally speaking it’s quite predictable and boring. Obviously this is not a “politically (or ethically) correct” supposition, but still, don’t matter how sad it is, it’s still true. Well, Matt seems to be very determined to prove me otherwise and listen to “Relic”, his third and latest solo release, I had the surprise to discover that we think and feel in very similar ways about music even if we came from and we’re chosen to go down on different paths. And there’s another fact too: I hate guitar solos as well, because – again, generally speaking – they are nothing, but tasteless fill-ups and egocentric showing-ups. Last, but not at least, I defies genres. There’s nothing stupider than imprisoning yourself in some particular box. And Matt Stevens defies genres as well, his music is colorful, borderless and ageless, breathing and very alive, spacy and intense, subtle and powerful. The bottom line is that Matt delivering music and not only some “musical product” or some “background noise for a few moments of our life”. Matt plays straight from his heart to our soul. Matt’s play seems effortless and joyful, playful and still profound, very expressive. Much more, you can download even for free – “name your price” – “Relic” from Matt’s Bandcamp page, Read more Matt Stevens – Relic (2011)

The Tape Disaster – Realidade Aumentada (2011)

Mainly in rock/metal circles the mention of Brasilia bring up almost exclusively the name of Sepultura. Cliche or not, that’s a fact. Ratos de Porato for many still remains an unknown name. Anyway, a few days ago I was excited (and surprised) by MindFlow, a powerful and intense progressive (post) metal/hardcore band, now I’m listening into this “Realidade Aumentada” by The Tape Disaster and it’s quit a pleasant surprise. Waving around progressive and indie rock tunes, The Tape Disaster put together a beautiful world of images and sounds, they write a couple of nice tunes and some great songs shifting between moments of calm and dynamic twists. Unfortunately they don’t have a singer, but even exclusively with instrumental resources they managed to fill up the spaces and create a colorful and flowing material. Read more The Tape Disaster – Realidade Aumentada (2011)