Dan McKie – In The Stream Volume 1 (2012)

Two words: boom boom! Raving and raging, pounding and pulsing disco of the 80’s and 90’s are merged here to set the fire on at the dancefloor. Dan McKie has selected the best and hottest tracks from his own productions and his label 1980 Recordings to deliver the perfect soundtrack for your lost night down in the club. This definitively have that bright, careless vibe of the 80’s and 90’s, but also confirms my theory: a good song can be remixed greatly, but not the most genius remix can save a mediocre song. Although, this 80’s spirit is absolutely great, sometimes this mixture of techno and house doesn’t work always unconditionally nowadays. But McKie seems to be a wizard and knows all the tricks and have all the aces in his sleeves to make your feet moving. Read more Dan McKie – In The Stream Volume 1 (2012)

Scooter – The Big Mash Up (2011)

Kind of unbelievable, but this is the fifteenth studio album from this German hard dance band. From their early “happy hardcore” up to dubstep, Scooter have experimented with several dance genres and sub-genres such as hardstyle and jumpstyle, and moving between hip hop and hard rock, shifting from trance to house smoothly. Ans “The Big Mash Up” is about mashing up all these styles and genres, twisted out the classic euro-disco into dubstep and blend happy hardcore with hard dance into one. The Scooter’s trademark sound combining simple and catchy melodies with fast tempos are all over the new album and most of their melodies eventually sounds familiar. This is quite a mash up. But probably… winning is everything. Read more Scooter – The Big Mash Up (2011)

Inna – I Am The Club Rocker (2011)

On November 12, 2008, Inna released her debut single “Hot”, which was produced by Play & Win, a Romanian dance music trio and one of the leading music producers in Romania. The single performed strongly on the Romanian Top 100, peaking at number five in December 2008. It also became an airplay success in the Balkan countries, before reaching success across Europe and the Middle East. In early 2009, the single “Hot” entered the Spanish Singles Chart and the Hungarian Dance Chart. In both countries, the song managed to climb toward the top spot. Furthermore, it garnered huge airplay success in countries such as Poland, Ukraine and Turkey. Meanwhile, the promo songs “Fever” and “On and On” officially premiered on Inna’s website, being free for download for a limited period of two weeks. “Hot” was released and charted within the top ten in Belgium and the Netherlands.
In April 2009, Inna signed a contract with the American record label, Ultra Records. Read more Inna – I Am The Club Rocker (2011)

David Guetta – Nothing but the Beat (2011)

On the fifth album by French DJ and record producer David Guetta he applied the same formula: combined all the ideas and trendy sounds and stylistic approaches from both, European and American dance scene and pop music, Guetta delivered the best mixture of dance music. This is absolutely classy, clean cut and 100% cash-in formula. Still, we have to admit, Guetta knows to make his products to sound awesome, he construct excellent grooves, simple, but percussive sounds and powerful beats. For the first time, Guetta gave-up on the services of his long-time collaborator Chris Willis on vocals and features collaborations with artists from the R&B, hip hop and pop world such as Lil Wayne, Usher, will.i.am, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson, Timbaland, Afrojack, Jessie J and Sia Furler. An all-star line-up which definitively will help to break down the charts and sell more singles. Well, many people try this and that – as any good ideas, by the way -, but not everybody managed to be successful as Guetta. Read more David Guetta – Nothing but the Beat (2011)