Scooter – The Big Mash Up (2011)

Kind of unbelievable, but this is the fifteenth studio album from this German hard dance band. From their early “happy hardcore” up to dubstep, Scooter have experimented with several dance genres and sub-genres such as hardstyle and jumpstyle, and moving between hip hop and hard rock, shifting from trance to house smoothly. Ans “The Big Mash Up” is about mashing up all these styles and genres, twisted out the classic euro-disco into dubstep and blend happy hardcore with hard dance into one. The Scooter’s trademark sound combining simple and catchy melodies with fast tempos are all over the new album and most of their melodies eventually sounds familiar. This is quite a mash up. But probably… winning is everything.

H.P. Baxxter and his band mates – Rick J. Jordan and Michael Simon – are always delivered the top sounds of the moment and the actual trends in styles. “The Big Mash Up” comes riding on the dubstep wave and this approach, this “new style” received mixed reception from Scooter fans and critics, the first single “The Only One”, have charted poorly in comparison with all of Scooter’s previous first singles.
Still, this is a massive album, 2:19:03 total running time including the over one hour running “Suck My Megamix – The Longest Scooter in the World” and Scooter definitively will set the clubs on fire once again. Simple and effective, sometimes directly funny, Scooter are still one of the best dance music in the world. And the dubstep still quite trendy, if Europe seems to get bored of it, America only now discover it. I’m not quite a dancing type, but Scooter still sounds absolutely reasonable.


01 – C.I.F.L.
02 – David Doesn’t Eat
03 – Dreams
04 – Beyond the Invisible
05 – Sugary Dip
06 – It’s A Biz
07 – C’est Bleu
08 – 08-15 to Nowhere
09 – Close Your Eyes
10 – The Only One
11 – Sex and Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll
12 – Copyright
13 – Bang Bang Club
14 – Summer Dream
15 – Mashuia
16 – Friends Turbo (bonus track)

17 – Suck My Megamix – The Longest Scooter in the World (1:19:57 minutes)

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