Dan McKie – In The Stream Volume 1 (2012)

Two words: boom boom! Raving and raging, pounding and pulsing disco of the 80’s and 90’s are merged here to set the fire on at the dancefloor. Dan McKie has selected the best and hottest tracks from his own productions and his label 1980 Recordings to deliver the perfect soundtrack for your lost night down in the club. This definitively have that bright, careless vibe of the 80’s and 90’s, but also confirms my theory: a good song can be remixed greatly, but not the most genius remix can save a mediocre song. Although, this 80’s spirit is absolutely great, sometimes this mixture of techno and house doesn’t work always unconditionally nowadays. But McKie seems to be a wizard and knows all the tricks and have all the aces in his sleeves to make your feet moving.

Dan McKie manages to defy the cliché of genres by producing across the board, be it a underground techno, tech house monster to a peak time commercial dance chart track.
He continues to remix the likes of The Whip, Stonebridge, Rogue Elements, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Lady GaGa, David Guetta, Colton Ford, Zimbardo, Dom Kane. As well as remix he also releases on such labels as Southern Fried, Stoney Boy, Joia, Positiva, Warner Bros, Sony, Universal, Columbia, Gusto, EMI, Newstate, RCA/BMG, Simply Recordings, Slip & Slide, aswell as his own imprints 1980 Recordings & HotFridge Records.
an regularly teams up with his very own Fish Dont Dance resident, Lloyd Chapman, for Back 2 Back Dj Sets. You can also find them in the studio making some big tracks which have been release on Pacha Recordings to date.
Dan is a UK ambassador for HIV/AIDS charity, Dance4Life and is now affiliated with hardware/software companies such as Apogee, Fabfilter & Focusrite.
Dan is an eccentric, approachable and talented producer who manages to share his passion for electronica on the dance floor and in the ears of the iPod listener with his unique/energetic blend of genre defying DJ sets.

Dan McKie – In The Stream Volume 1 (2012)

01. Kostenko Brothers – Gorod N (Original Mix)
02. David Aussi – Air France (Original Mix)
03. Dan McKie & Phil England – Burnin Desire (Luca Lento Remix)
04. Dan McKie – Commercial Bounce (Original Mix)
05. Max Freegrant – Something (Original Mix)
06. Nathan Rivers – Deranged (Original Mix)
07. Dan McKie – Whats That Noise? (Phil England Beat Back Remix)
08. Dan McKie – Arabian Robots (Kaysh’s Not So Arabian Remix)
09. Zigmund Slezak – Party (Dan McKie Fish Dont Dance Remix)
10. Dan McKie – Techno Piano (Dave Cortex Remix)
11. Martyn Negro – Blow My Piano (D.R.A.M.A. Remix)
12. Shazza – Gate 43 (Original Mix)
13. Darryl Green – Scatto (Original Mix)
14. Alexander Fog – Orbital (Dan McKie Fish Dont Dance Remix)
15. Mark Batch & Alf Bamford – South City (Johnstar Headnod Dub)
16. Just – Need That 303 (Original Mix)
17. Dan McKie ft Larisa – Seven Nations Army (Dan McKie Fish Dont Dance Remix)
18. Andrea Casula – Le Vallette (Zona Lucento Remix)
19. V/A – Dan McKie in The Stream Vol.1 (Continous Mix)

Definitively my favorite is “Seven Nations Army”, but what the hell, I’m just a goddamn old-fashioned rocker!

With this impressive showcase compilation, Clubstream are proud to present Dan McKie and 18 unmixed tracks and an absolutely spotless 80 minute DJ mix, you’re brought into a dance frenzy from house through progressive and techno, showing off Dan’s tracks, remixes as well as his label 1980 Recordings.
Clubstream Mix is a label that is releasing full length electronic dance music albums made to work for home listening – either listener friendly albums or mixed DJ sets (in which case the separate tracks will also be available).

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