My Morning Jacket – Circuital (2011)

It’s like swimming in circles of fuzzed guitars, trippy keyboard layers, twisted pop hooks and kind of familiar, country feeling. Soft electronica, scattered rock left-overs, indie experiments, pop like vocals, My Morning Jacket throw in their blender everything they can get their hands on and came out with a colorful, but slippery material. It’s like a jam of Simon And Garfunkel with The Flaming Lips suffering from massing hangover on a morning after. “Wonderful (The Way I Feel)” for example it’s an absolutely minimal country song while “Holdin’ On to Black Metal” sounds like a hippie anthem from 69 with some vocals traceable back directly to The Beatles. It’s nice to get into this retro feeling, but honestly I don’t really see the reason for what use? For sure some fat-ass guys from Rolling Stone Magazine will be delighted and maybe get even a small hard-on, but still. And for those who weren’t born in the 70s maybe it’s sounds exciting, but it isn’t. Recycling it’s good, but not in all meaning. “Slow Slow Tune” it’s a nice song. Read more My Morning Jacket – Circuital (2011)

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The Felice Brothers – Celebration, Florida (2011)

This is the American dream, or the sparking of it, what’s left from it. Ian,James and Simone Felice, sons of a carpenter, used to play on Sundays at their father’s afternoon barbecues. They stayed in a little apartment in Brooklyn and The Felice Brothers started as a band playing in the New York City subway stations at 42nd Street and Union Square and in Greenwich Village. Ian is the main vocalist and plays the guitar and piano, James contributes vocals and plays the accordion, organ, and piano, their friend Christmas Clapton, previously a traveling dice player plays the bass guitar. Simone Felice was the drummer as well as a vocalist and a guitarist, he is also an author, having released books entitled “Goodbye Amelia, and Hail Mary, Full of Holes”. Simone left the band in 2009 and now leads his own band: The Duke & the King, Dave Turbeville was put behind the drum kit and Greg Farley is the fiddle player. They album “Through These Reins and Gone” released in 2006 made it onto Radio Woodstock WDST’s top 25 albums of 2006 and in 2008 it was announced The Felice Brothers had signed a record deal with Team Love Records, since they traveling the country in their “Short Bus”, touring extensively. Read more The Felice Brothers – Celebration, Florida (2011)