Anthrax – Anthems, EP (2013)

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My love for Anthrax started back in the mid 80’s with their murderous second album “Spreading the Disease”. Few years later, their killer “I’m the Man” (1987) literally changed my life and determined my taste in music. Anthrax is not a band, but an institution. Scott Ian is one of the Gods of Riffs while Charlie Benante is one of the Metal masterminds.
Now, honestly, back in 2010 when chief Joey Belladonna returned to Anthrax, I was pretty disappointed. On one hand I really love John Bush – great voice, great musician and contributed seriousely to the Anthrax machinery -, on the other hand, after all the ugly things Scott Ian and Charlie Benante revealed about Belladonna, I thought they will never sit in the same room again. But well, this is show-business, never say never, anything can happen. Belladonna was not so convincing throughout the Sonisphere Festival series where Anthrax performed along with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth, but the 2011’s “Worship Music” was a 101% Anthrax album with a not bright, but fair Belladonna singing as back in the old days.
“Anthems” consist in 6 cover songs and the original album version, respectively a new remix of “Crawl” from their latest album. We’ve got here Rush, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Boston, Cheap Trick and Journey. Kind of surprisingly, no KISS track. But trust me, they did a killer job! Read more Anthrax – Anthems, EP (2013)