Venom – From The Very Depths (2015)

Venom - From The Very Depths (2015)

Venom - From The Very Depths (2015) Venom is definitively one of the most influential metal bands of all times and they were genre founders with their first two albums, “Welcome to Hell” (1981) and “Black Metal” (1982). Their third album, “At War with Satan” (1984) left some serious marks on me too with it’s 20 minutes long title track. it was a semi-concept album that tells the story of a war between Heaven and Hell where the latter side wins. Cronos – bass guitar, vocals; Mantas – guitar and Abaddon – drums had major influence on the development of heavy metal and contributed to the creation of other sub-genres such as thrash, speed, death and power metal.
In 1985, Venom released their fourth album entitled “Possessed” which was not as successful as their previous albums. Dunn then left the band to pursue a solo career.
Their fifth album, 1987’s “Calm Before the Storm”, moved away from Satanic themes in favor of “sword and sorcery” material and it was even less successful than Possessed. As result Lant, Clare and Hickey all left Venom which left Bray as the only group member.
As many other fans I lost touch with Venom as many other exciting bands flourished on the scene.
In 1995, Lant, Dunn and Bray reunited the “classic” line-up, beginning by headlining the Waldrock Festival on 24 June 1995 and after a self-produced EP they singed with SPV witch resulted in their 1997’s album “Cast in Stone”.
It was Bray turn to leave Venom in 1999 and he was replaced by Lant’s brother Antony “Antton” Lant. Their new album Resurrection was released in 2000. Two years later Dunn again left the group and was replaced by a returning Hickey. The album Metal Black was released in 2006.
Hickey was replaced by guitarist La Rage in 2007 and released the album entitled “Hell” the following year. Antton Lant left the band and he was replaced by drummer Danny “Dante” Needham. They released the album “Fallen Angels” in 2011.
“From the Very Depths” is the fourteenth studio album by Venom and it was released by Spinefarm on January 25, 2015.

If you don’t know Venom, but you love Motorhead, you will devour “From the Very Depths”.
Venom seems to reinvent themselves and they definitively evolved as musicians and artists in the last couple of decades and these “Long Haired Punks” proves again they still have something to say.
This is neat, intense and tasty metal. No tricks, no bulls*it, but strong, tight and merciless metal. Hard not to love it, even harder not to bang on it like a maniac!


01. Eruptus 01:02
02. From the Very Depths 03:55
03. The Death of Rock’n’Roll 03:09
04. Smoke 05:01
05. Temptation 03:53
06. Long Haired Punks 04:02
07. Stigmata Satanas 03:27
08. Crucified 04:07
09. Evil Law 05:04
10. Grinding Teeth 04:12
11. Ouverture 01:17
12. Mephistopheles 04:07
13. Wings of Valkyrie 04:01
14. Rise 04:34

Current line-up:

Conrad “Cronos” Lant – bass guitar, vocals (1979–1987, 1995–present)
Stuart “La Rage” Dixon – guitar (2007–present)
Danny “Dante” Needham – drums (2009–present)

Venom – Official Site


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