L’Effondras – L’Effondras (2014)

L'Effondras - L'Effondras (2014)
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L'Effondras - L'Effondras (2014) Post-rock it’s a vast and vague space and definition, fancy sometimes, abstract and elitist/exclusivist, but unfortunately mostly shallow, quite selfish and meaningless. Instrumental bands and albums scar me as David Bowie is afraid of Americans.
L’Effondras – actually ☉ – it’s a French instrumental trio and when I first watch a recording of one of their live performances posted on YouTube my first thought was early (Barrett era) Pink Floyd. So, it’s not really that “thing” called “djent” – or whatever – and – fortunately – it’s not that bored to death thing called quite elegantly shoegaze (or shoegazing). Although, there’s a little bit of both worlds in their music, but they manage to combine all those elements smartly and efficiently.

Their self-titled debut album will be released on December 20th on the Dur et Doux label and will be available on vinyl and CD. We’ve got 6 tracks, the opening L’Heure du Loup (The Hour of the Wolf) it’s only one and half minute long while the longest track, the bound together part I and II of “Caput Corvi” it’s running over 22 minutes.
The most Pink Floydish “L’A ne Rouge” (The Red Do) it’s definitively my favorite track, it have a great drive and groove and a very well build up tension and it’s have genuine atmosphere (soul). Almost 14 minutes of intensity and wild tripping. Love it.

In Astrology the ☉ it’s the symbol (glyph) of the Sun and the Sun it’s the governor planet of the Zodiac sign Leo, so, A lion swallowing the Sun make perfect sense.

L’Effondras are:

Pierre Lejeune: guitar
Pierre Josserand: guitar
Nicolas Bernollin: drums

L’Effondras – Official Site
L’Effondras – Bandcamp
L’Effondras – Facefuck

Contact: leffondras@gmail.com

Dur et Doux label


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