Celldweller – Blackstar Act One: Purified (Orignal Score) 2013

Celldweller - Blackstar Act One_ Purified (Original Score)

Celldweller - Blackstar Act One_ Purified (Original Score) This is a quite exciting joint adventure. On one hand we’ve got the futuristic, always inventive music of Celldweller and on the other hand, the award-winning science fiction/fantasy author Joshua Viola best known for his eleven-time award-winning ultra-violent novel, “The Bane of Yoto”.
While the music of Celldweller has always sounded as though ripped from the pages of a sci-fi epic; it’s not really a surprise that there was a narrative behind the sound which slowly came together in Klaytonʼs head. So, he teamed up with Joshua Viola to put that story on paper and the story wouldn’t be complete without a proper score, isn’t it?
Released “Blackstar Act One: Purified”, in the form of both an Original Score as well as a fictional eBook give us the full taste of action and adventure.
The story of “Blackstar” is a thrilling sci-fi adventure that will transport fans to the world only hinted at in prior Celldweller albums, while musically is a journey from ’80s-inspired ‘New Retro’ to unsettling ‘Dark Ambient’ to ‘Electronic/Metal’ fury, all while painting an evocative sonic backdrop to the book.
Download a free sample of the ebook and listen into the EP below.

Joshua “Josh” Viola is an American science fiction/fantasy author best known for his eleven-time award-winning ultra-violent novel, The Bane of Yoto, which tells the story of a race of slaves called the numah, which is what the main character Yoto is.
In 2003, Viola learned many methods of traditional art production from being apprenticed under acclaimed fantasy artist Monte Michael Moore. Later on that year, Viola had his art featured in the Linkin Park Underground postcard set by the band Linkin Park and has co-hosted their Projekt Revolution tour in Colorado in 2006.
From 2008 to 2010 Josh worked with New York Times bestselling author Steve Alten, which helped improve his writing and storytelling skills. He then later developed a strong working relationship with writer and editor Keith Ferrell to better understanding prose.
Starting in 2012, Viola began collaborating with Celldweller and his music label/publisher FiXT. Where he is the author of the novel, Blackstar (novel). He has also done some CD art, merchandise designs, apps and more.
FiXT Music is also the publisher of Josh’s novels, The Bane of Yoto and Blackstar. He is also the director of the “Unshakeable” animated music video for Celldweller and he has also done some CD art, merchandise designs & apps for FiXT.

Track List:

1. Retros
2. Purified
3. A Dystopian Utopia
4. The Possibilities of Purpose
5. On the Surface of Scardonia
6. Retros (Instrumental)
7. Purified (Instrumental)

The music it’s more cinematic then the usual/regular Celldweller contortions, but we also got all those intensity and explosive power incorporate in this sonic journey as well. With roots back to the 80’s new wave and electronic music, Celldweller once again is looking into the future. “Purified” will definitively blow up your speakers – and it’s not the only moment of energy boost from the album. But other tracks – as “The Possibilities of Purpose” – evoking New Age music such as Enigma. Pretty enjoyable journey throughout!
Reading the novel while listening the score seems to be a perfect escape plan from the grayness and monotony of our day by day lives.

Visit http://blackstarnovel.com for more information.

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