Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt (2013)

Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt (2013) black

Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt (2013) black The pre-album rumors were talking about “a darker and more atmospheric record”, some mentioning the name of Pink Floyd and even label the new songs “progressive rock”. Well, the glory days of the grunge are long gone now and Pearl Jam probably reaching out for a larger audience. Last time, “Backspacer” in 2009 was pretty much a disappointment for me, so, honestly I did not had any expectation from them this time. I admit, the idea of a “darker and more atmospheric record” not really thrilled me. “Ten” is still one of my favorite all-time rock albums and it’s definitively one of the most alive and kicking albums ever produced. Pearl Jam ever since failed to live up to that debut album, although delivered several great songs and a few good albums, on the other hand it’s also true, after their ’94 “Vitalogy” never really convinced me anymore with any of their albums.
“Lightning Bolt” start pretty convincing with the energy full trio of “Getaway”, “Mind Your Manners”, respectively the darker, but still kicking “My Father’ S Son”.

While the first single, “Mind Your Manners” it’s a dark and heavy song, “Sirens”, the second single it’s a smooth, typical Pearl Jam/grunge ballad. The rest of the album it’s less edgy. less grungy, but still it’s the most alive, most breathing PJ album in a while.


01 – Getaway
02 – Mind Your Manners
03 – My Father’ S Son
04 – Sirens
05 – Lightning Bolt
06 – Infallible
07 – Pendulum
08 – Swallowed Whole
09 – Let The Records Play
10 – Sleeping By Myself
11 – Yellow Moon
12 – Future Days

Pre-order the forthcoming album Lightning Bolt HERE.

“The most popular American rock & roll band of the ’90s” it’s still capable to rock. “Getaway”, “Mind Your Manners”, “”My Father’ S Son”, “Lightning Bolt”, “Swallowed Whole”, “Let The Records Play” are the faster tracks, while the other half are the slower ones. The most interesting is the darkest and most experimental “Pendulum”. The best song is definitively the unstoppable “Mind Your Manners”.

Borrow it and forget to give it back. 🙂

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