Aiva feat. 4i Remix Contest

aiva Powerstudio is one of the best recording studios in London offering state of the art equipment to record, mix, master and produce.
Powerstudio is operated by a highly experienced team which continuously use the latest technology to push boundaries of music production.
Powerstudio put up a remix contest now.
Rules: All genres are accepted. Entry limited to one per person. All rights in the Recording are reserved by Power Studio and remixes cannot be sold without their permission. Nothing contained herein or in the competition shall grant any rights in the recording to an entrant. Entrants should ‘Like’ Powerstudio on Facebook or Twitter.
The remix pack can be downloaded from HERE. Completed remixes should be uploaded to this SoundCloud group. 140 BPM, Key: D minor.
Prize: The winner will as chosen by the Power Studio Team will receive a full day recording and production session at the Industry Standard London Studio and a collaboration with Aiva on that day if chosen by the winner. If the Winner is not UK based and does not want to travel to the London Studio then an online collaboration is also possible.


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