Alexandr Vatagin – Serza (2013)

Cinematic and minimal electronic smoothly flavoured with dissonances and glitches, unexpected noise contortions and turns, but mainly staying in the smartly wide open spaces, Alexandr Vatagin’s third album it’s a chill, peaceful and enjoyable ride into minimal-modern-experimental electronic music.
Alexandr it’s also the head of Valeot Records, home of several other artists such as Tupolev, Port-Royal, Slon, Werner Kitzmüller Trio, Milhaven, Protestant Work Ethic, Dirac, The Pattern Theory, Werner Kitzmüller, Kutin and Attilio Novellino – some of them making guest appearances on this new album as well. Based in Vienna, Austria, Valeot Records supporting post-modern music that does not fit genre-classifications.
This is not an album of tumultuous, nowadays fancy bangings, drops and wobblings, but of emotions and gentle use of sounds. It’s a refreshing mixture of classic approach and modern texture, a style blending of post-modern shoegaze-like minimalism with the chill and gentle, jazz flavoured moments, all nice and smoothly dressed up in sparkling, electronic lace dresses.

My favorites are the more jazzy “Mantova” and “La douce”, but the atmosphere throughout it’s nice, easy and enjoyable, even if here and there some monsters and fearful shadows are making their appearance tho spice up the things a little.

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