Archers and Arrows – Alone Together (2013)

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Archers and Arrows Alone Together 2013 Switzerland’s Archers and Arrows on their debut album entitled “Arrows Alone Together” delivering a tumultous, but gentle mixture of hardcore rooted energy and indie flavoured melodies. Sometimes feels and sounds like Sigur Rós playing dEUS songs, or Bullet for My Valentines start playing Mogwai covers. Sometimes quite gloomy, but very smartly build-up and gently soulful, Sebastien, Nicolas, Bunty and Yves created a world of their own and now they share it with us.
Impossible to label it, to forced into a particular genre, Arches and Arrows it’s kind of ageless and fresh, furious, teenage oriented, but simultaneously calm and mature music, something which eventually catch your little sisie’s soul, would fit nicely in your ex-hippie father’s iPod and even your mother would listen it while she’s cooking the dinner.

This everybody’s possible favorite type of music, it’s nice, eventually too nice. But not like most of the nowadays bands, Archers and Arrows managed to write a couple of good riffs, have some excellent melodies and several smart arrangements, delivered a couple of good songs and “Alone Together” have a charming, familiar vibe throughout, it’s a bitter-sweet listening, can pay attention to it because it’s filled up with nice and subtle elements, or you can leave it on repeat for the whole day as nice background noise to cover the rest of the background noises of this crazy world.

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