Zeromancer – Bye-Bye Borderline (2013)

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Zeromancer – Bye-Bye Borderline (2013) “Auf Wiedersehen Boy”, the opening track of Zeromancer’s new album, sounds just like a “Mechanical Animals”/”The Golden Age of Grotesque” type of Marilyn Manson anthem. The following “Bye-Bye Borderline” sounds more like a wicked mixture of David Bowie and Muse with a twist of Linkin Park in the chorus.
Smooth electronic layers, solid rock riffs, goth and gloomy vibe, cyber pop flavored melodies and powerful vocal hooks are all vital parts of the Zeromancer’s arsenal.
From the third “Lcyd”, I can distinctly hear a powerful H.I.M. influence running through the vein of their songs merged with a subtle A-HA flavour. But Zeromancer pushed their sound in a fuhrer dark direction and added a more industrial/electronic taste to it. “Bye-Bye Borderline” it’s a strong and balanced mixture of industrial rock and goth vibe, of Northern gloom and charming melodies, of electric rock and electronic pop.


“Lace and Armour” bring back the Marilyn Manson taste. “Montreal” it’s a sensitive bridge between space and industrial rock, a beautiful bridge over time. Definitively the best slow track of the album. “Ash Wednesday” have a kind of Laibach spirit and sobriety with a Nine Inch Nails type of groove and intensity. Interesting rhythmic build-up and shifting of flavors, twisting in and out of themes. One of the most sophisticated songs of the album.
The closing “The Tortured Artist” have an A-HA taste-like luminosity and fluorescence (“Foot of the Mountain”), it’s both refreshing and releasing.


01 – Auf Wiedersehen Boy
02 – Bye-Bye Borderline
03 – Lcyd
04 – You Meet People Twice
05 – Manoeuvres
06 – Weakness
07 – Lace and Armour
08 – Montreal
09 – Ash Wednesday
10 – The Tortured Artist

The core of Zeromancer met in the influential Norwegian band Seigmen. During the 1990s, Seigmen dominated the Norwegian rock scene and also made a name for themselves internationally, playing concerts abroad. When Seigmen split in March 1999, Kim Ljung (bass guitar/backup vocals) and Erik Ljunggren (programming) went to Los Angeles and got an idea for a new band called Zeromancer. Two more members of Seigmen joined them in Los Angeles: Alex Møklebust (vocals) and Noralf Ronthi (drums). James Saes recorded the first demos with the band and stood in as their guitar player. A little later, the band was complete, when they joined with Chris Schleyer (guitar), formerly of Kidneythieves and Prick which was released under Trent Reznor’s label (Nothing/Interscope).
Zeromancer released their debut album, “Clone Your Lover” in 2000 and while the title track was a minor hit at many clubs and venues, the album won Zeromancer the award for the best newcomer of 2000 at the German Alternative Music Awards.
In 2001, Zeromancer released their second album “Eurotrash”, which featured a cover version of the song “Send Me an Angel” by Australian band Real Life – the original having been a major hit in 1983.
In spring 2003, coinciding with the US reissue of Clone Your Lover, the band toured in the United States with the early 1990s bands Pigface and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. This tour did much to increase Zeromancer’s fanbase in the United States.
In autumn 2003, Zeromancer released their third album, “Zzyzx”. Their songs took a more softer direction. Following the release, Chris Schleyer left the band, and joined A Perfect Circle as a rehearsal guitarist. In 2007, Chris Schleyer created his new band Affected, and worked with Nine Inch Nails on their tour.
The band went on a temporary hiatus for three years. During this time Kim Ljung created his solo project, Ljungblut, and recorded a double-CD with Dan Heide. Alex Møklebust did some producing for a few Norwegian bands (such as Gåte and Don Juan Dracula) and Erik Ljunggren has lent his programming skills to a number of other artists (Satyricon, Undergod) and began to study at a filmschool in Lillehammer. Seigmen also reunited for some concerts and recorded a live CD and DVD.
Zeromancer returned in fall 2006 and began touring again. “Sinners International” was released in February 2009.
The band released the It Sounds Like Love (But It Looks Like Sex) EP, in October 2009 It contains remixes of tracks from “Sinners International” and of their Depeche Mode cover “Photographic”.
Zeromancer released their fifth album, “The Death of Romance”, in March 2010.
Their sixth album, “Bye-Bye Borderline” was released on Jan 25, 2013.

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