No Omega Metropolis 2012 Extreme and brutal, dark and raw sounding, this Stockholm based post-hardcore band will rip your head off with tones of ferocious riffs and their chaotic, contorted, furious music. Both rooted to punk and metal, this pounding, post-hardcore genre became quite popular lately and many exciting new bands proved true creativity widening the borders of the extreme, avant-garde music. They call their music “hopeless and heartbreaking doomsday hardcore punk”, which actually covers quite consistently the noisy butchery and beautiful poetry they create.
No Omega manage to define their own sound and find their own path of express their fury and desperation, although, they are recommended for fans of Touché Amoré, Dead Swans, Killing the Dream, Meleeh, Oceana and Rise and Fall.
They are also promote and support vegans and vegetarians, as well as they incorporates political ideas and civilization criticism into their lyrics. They spreading these ideas in a very open and relaxed way, but you can still enjoy their music without agreeing with their views and opinions. Best thing come last, “Metropolis” can be downloaded even for free (“name your price”) from their Bandcamp page, or can order from there the hard copy, CD for 6 Euro, respectively the 12″ vynil for 10 Euro. As I always say, artist need and deserves our support and encouragement! No Omega it’s definitively a name to keep in mind!


Recently, No Omega has signed to Throatruiner Records. The band will enter the studio in late january to record “Shame”, the follow-up to its 2012 effort “Metropolis”. This new full-length is due out this spring on 12″ vinyl, just before an european tour with This Gift Is A Curse.

Since their forming in 2010, No Omega have been working hard on creating a sound that’s both vibrant and melancholic. The idea of No Omega is to fuse a furious hardcore sound with a sludgier, more dark, melodic and resolute post-metal sound. No Omega always aim at writing something new; something that doesn’t sound like everything else. The guitars are heavy, the vocals are filled with power and emotion, and the drums shift between straight up thrash/punk to lumbering and brooding metal.
No Omega’s debut EP came out in 2011. Over 100 shows and six European tours later: No Omega’s first album came out on 12″ vinyl and CD in 2012 – nine tracks of dark, crushing – yet melodic – hardcore. The record titled ‘Metropolis’ was a three-way-release by labels: TDON Records (UK), Get This Right Records (US) and Monument (SWE). No Omega crafted a modern hardcore record that touches the post-hardcore roots that Sweden is known for, as well as showing the originality of the band as a collective whole.

“If the music is loud we won’t hear the sound of the world falling apart”

NO OMEGA promotes vegetarianism and veganism, and incorporates political ideas and civilization criticism into lyrics as well as spreading ideas in a very open and relaxed way.
We are all vegans and vegetarians and we support these dietary choices because we, humans, are “all-eaters” thereby can survive on a vegetarian diet. We do not need murder and the slaughter of so many lives and animals. To quote xAnchorx; “how can anyone choose death before life?”.
There is also the industrial aspect to it. In western society we have reached a level and a stage where – we believe – that industries must be set up to provide enough goods and food for people. And when it becomes an industry, it becomes so much more. The suffering of millions of lives as well as the environmental side to it. Just to get meat on our plates when we so easily can live without it!

No Omega @ Facebook
No Omega @ Bandcamp
No Omega @ Bigcartel
Poetry Nothing


Download their fiest EP (2011) for free HERE .
And HERE it’s a PDF-file of the first zine oscar made. A collection of poems and lyrics that go back a long time (2004 – 2009). The title being simply “Poetry Nothing”.
And this is a PDF-file of the second zine entitled “Infinity”. Download HERE .

Throatruiner Records

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