Savant – Alchemist (2012)

Savant Alchemist 2012 Norwegian musician and producer Aleksander Vinter, aka Savant, has a long history experimenting with sound, from playing a Yamaha electric organ at age 4 to composing music with such computer programs as eJay and FastTracker. With no formal musical training, he discovered an uncanny ability to spontaneously imagine and then compose original music, oftentimes writing and finishing up to an astonishing 3 songs per day while his personal catalog exceeds 10,000, and he’s only 25. As impressive as his output is his diversity, his Soundcloud page filled with 99 unique songs, from the classical “_Obscurite_” to the 70’s soundtrack styles of “The Christopher Walkens” to the electro-metal “Overkill” and super-bass-filled, Glitch Hop “Shake the Room”.
Best known for his prodigious musical output, which now includes 80+ commercial releases and over 40 free downloads, and vivid musical range from EDM, Metal and Glitch all the way to classical piano, has released “Alchemist”, his fifth original album in 13 months, on 12/12/12.


His first album “Outbreak” came out in 2009 under the electronica alias Vinter in Hollywood and was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy award. In 2010 Aleksander released the mixtape “MASKS” (free download) and on it was various projects including the first EP from Savant, called thrillseekers EP. (also on the mixtape “V for Vinter” released in december 2011)
In 2011 Aleksander joined forces with SectionZ Records and released the albums Mamachine (Vinter In Vegas) and Ninur (Savant).
Each album from Vario since has reached the #1 release on Beatports charts.
“Alchemist” was also top 10 in the iTunes US Dance charts and the #2 selling release on Bandcamp, has already shot to the top of Beatport, holding the #1 spot for Dub-Step, Drum & Bass, Glitch Hop, Electro-House, Indie Dance/Nu Disco, and Overall, as well as holding a solid position on the i-Tunes Top 100 for Dance as well as sitting in the Top 10 in Finland and Norway. Unfortunately, no “Overkill” this time…

Boasting again 22 tracks, “Alchemist” once again it’s a vivid ride which transcends genres and sounds, melting down barriers between styles and incorporates all kind of different influences from Bach, Hans Zimmer, Dimmu Borgir, Artistotle, AC/DC, Jean-Luc Picard, Daft Punk, Metallica, Slipknot, Zelda, Immortal, Data, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ master Splinter.
On a releasing rampage this year, Savant stroked almost regularly: on 2.22.2012 with “Vario”, on 6.6.2012. with “Overworld”, on 9.9.2012. with “Ism” and finally on 12.12.2012. with “Alchemist”.
Quantity kills quality? Eventually. While “Sledgehammer” it’s really a nailing track, unfortunately not the whole 22 songs listed are hitting the same quality and even that really original Bach-like phrases are loosing from their shine and impact when they are repeated extensively.
The whole production sounds more like a mixtape, a loops and samples based (smart) construction, rather then the result of a real creative and writing process. And sometimes the track sound quite chaotic while the whole album it’s pretty eclectic.
“Hungry Eye” labeled Indie Dance/Nu Disco feels like a badly mixed Michael Jacko dance tune while most of the House and Techno based beats with Drum N’ Bass drops and wobbling and fancy dubstep contortions are already yesterday news and although they are still top sellers for the next year, honestly, they are pretty boring.
Some of the tracks are great club bangers for a season, but that’s all. I think Aleksander had fun doing this, and somehow he make fun of the industry, media and consumers, but seriously, this have no other value than entertainment.

In 2013 Savant will tour North America and Europe.

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“Alchemist” on-line streaming and digital buy @ SectionZ Records

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